"Beehind The Seam" is Born!

I keep thinking, what can I do to get some extra money in the house… and I think I got it.

The first idea (NPB) is great & fun one and will no doubt be great here in this part of UK with all the holiday tourists, BUT requires a lot of capital investment and time to get it going and a lot of work for me and my MIL. So for now, that is shelved but keeping it close to the vest, so hopefully no one starts it in front of us.  It’s taking off like wild-fire in Boston and there are already like seven studios in Boston & surrounding areas. 
I could try to get a job.  I’ve applied to several but no replies [yet]!  (I say “could try” – but reality is that there are not many permanent jobs around here in this part of the UK and so they probably get hundreds of applicants.   We’re not exactly in downtown London!)  There was an article in THE TELEGRAPH which said 1,701 people applied to be a Barista at Costa Coffee in Nottingham!  And the few jobs I saw are paying 6.00 pounds per hour and that is making beds in a hotel or scooping ice cream on Saturdays & Sundays.  I’m still not 100% sure about my work status either.  I mean, I have a letter from the UK Border Agency but I don’t have a resident card in hand yet. only a letter saying it’s being processed.  I think I can work but I think by law (and I’m not 100% sure) they first try to offer the job to UK citizens first before a non-UK person.  As I’m an EEA family member, I think I’m second in line vs. last. Still need clarity but I think this is correct.   

Plus, my “job” right now is home with the kids.  If I got a full-time job outside of the home, it would probably be in Norwich (so 25 minutes by car plus longer for travel time on public transport – train or bus.) I’d have to put Maebh in daycare and figure out how to get Soren to & from school.  He needs to be brought to school and picked up daily… Maebh is not in school until September and even then it is for 3 hours a day for 5 days a week (still can’t believe my baby is going to Nursery school in a four short months!)  It would make more sense if I had a “real” well-paying job.  But the reality is both here & in the States, unless I had a well-paying job like I did when Soren was born, then I’d be paying more in daycare than take home, after taxes and health insurance, etc).  Bottom line: I don’t think I’d find a job that is flexible enough to allow me to do what I do now, but bring in some spending money, plus give me something fun which I like doing.

Anyway, I think I’m some what creative with art & sewing (get that from my mom) and think I’ll start a little business selling pillows which have hand designed appliqué on them.  I’m going to call the business “BEEHIND THE SEAM” ^^need logo which will include a BEE – so if you have any skills and can help with that, I’ll greatly appreciate it!  This sad clip art file is a place holder!! 

I wanted to incorporate “SEW as in SO”, but all the names like Sew Wicked, Sew Creative, are taken and I don’t want to limit myself to pillows as I might do other things in the future.  It will be online at Facebook.com, Etsy.com, Folksy.com, Dewanda.com and any other online crafty shopping sites) I find.  I’ll do a free site like Weebly.com or Wix.com too. Plus, I’ll see about displaying my products at Table Top Sales, Craft Fairs, Producer Markets and other big events in this area of North Norfolk.  
The short edition is that I’m going to do is buy pre-made colorful cotton throw pillows which have zippered covers and inside pillow (cushions in the UK) and then iron on a handmade appliqué designs and then stitch by hand using embroidery thread as a border.  I think I will find a simple machine for that part handy so I may see if I can borrow my MIL’s until I can buy my own. The higher-quality pillows retail for about £5 – £9. depending on style and fabric at the BQ.  I checked Homebase today and while they had some, it was not quite what I wanted.  I also popped into a store which sold sewing items in Cromer and they have some covers (without fill) for about £6 but not my favorite ones.  Perhaps I find good ones wholesale in time.  I don’t want to get into making pillow cases, zippers, etc. I still have to do some research but my gut feeling is that I’ll sell them for about £15 – £19.  I’m not sure if I’m too low or two high, so I’ll see how it goes first.  I’ve seen online some of the pillow which I “like” {and will essentially copy some of their ideas with a twist of what I want} are listed for £30!  Not sure how many are selling but that is what they are listed. I already have hundreds of ideas of what to put on them and with the help of Pinterest.com and other online sites, I have pinned soooo many ideas onto a board.  Some ideas are so easy, others very complex. Now I’ll need to buy some supplies, but my mom has so much that she’ll give to Nils this week and he can bring them back to me when he arrives.  She already has hoops, thread, needles and some fabric packed for him to bring me.  I’m going to start by hand and see if I need a machine, which I might borrow my MIL’s until I can afford my own. 
ap•pli•quéˌæp lɪˈkeɪ(n.)
  1. a cutout design that is sewn upon or otherwise applied to a piece of material.
    Category: Textiles

If Maebh was a boy, she would have been Rhys!! 

This is just a sampling of a dozen or so types of pillow which I’ll make to start.  I think I’ll focus on nautical and “Norfolk-ish” related things like VW Camper Vans, Caravans, Anchors, Beach Huts, simple shapes like hearts, flowers and use some buttons.  I think these will be better sellers here at the area fairs and big events and then branch out over time.  

I think of it as a nice way for a person to add some flair to her home.  So many cottages, winter & summer homes all have a special “theme”.   My pillows will be great for gifts – birthdays, new baby, kids room themes, reading nooks, etc.  Who doesn’t like a nice, colorful, fun pillow on their bed or their couch.  It’s amazing how a few simple pillows change up the dynamic of a room.

Oh and if you have any extra buttons laying around or see any in charity shops for sale for next to nothing, please send them my way…. I need thousands!!
So, now that you’ve read my plan – what do you think?  Be honest, I’m curious. 

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