Sunday Walk: Overstrand to Northrepps and back to Overstrand

Before Nils leaves for Boston, we took advantage of the dry weather (yes!!) and headed out for a nice long walk. (We ended up going around 3.5 miles!!)  Soren walked the entire way and Maebh rode on Papa’s shoulders often as her legs were tired.   
We parked our car on the main street in Overstrand and headed out on the beach taking Walk #12 or here on AA’s site.

We first started off at Ovestrand Beach and walked by the cliffs and across to Cromer Road and then to the bridle path.  The kids had fun, as always, at the beach and playing in front of the beach huts.

Remnants of a house which stood on the cliffs.  You can still see foundation and some bricks 

We then walked up, crossed the street and into the woods on the bridle path for a while towards Northrepps.

I took photos of the beautiful flowers along the way and Soren & Maebh played with buttercups a bit.  I thought them if you hold a flower under your chin and it glows yellow, then you like butter.

We started on the path and came across some sort of radar thingy which made a strange noise as it whooshed around.

Soren kept an eye out on the helicopter flying by with his fancy binoculars. 

We came across some cool trees.  This first photo is what Soren calls the “COW TREE” – can you see it?  The next one is a neat tree with odd branches.

The walk was really nice with green fields all around.  We came across a field with some cute, black baby sheep.  One tiny one by himself kept yelling at us. 

If you look really close, you’ll see Soren, Maebh & Nils.

On the path, we could see these very long farm buildings and heard some chickens (?) clucking.  I had read in the local paper that there was an old poultry farm which had closed down so it was odd to hear chickens. Turns out there were two farms.  One that is still active, but I didn’t see any workers, just heard the birds.  The other one is boarded up just down the road.

While we were walking, a police van with CSI (Crime Scene Investigation) logo posted on the side, kept driving back and forth by us. He stopped at the working one, drove away, drove back and then he finally stopped at the boarded up poultry farm, had a key and opened up the gate.  Of course, I took a photo as we walked by, but not sure what he’d be doing there.  Checking to ensure there is no activity in there or perhaps he’s a bad cop and is hiding dead bodies or money in there? (I’m sure that is not the case, but still it was odd.)  As there is really not much crime here, having a CSI truck is a bit humorous.

There is an old derelict train station in Overstrand which closed up in 1953 or so.   You can still see parts of the building, old bridges and such.  We think the main station portion is now being used as part of a house, but we are not certain.  The entire property area there is private.

On the way from Northrepps into Overstrand is a nice section of allotments. It’s great, but not really for me. I don’t have time to focus on it and while I’d like to have a “green thumb”, I tend to kill all house plants. 

Before we headed home for both banana milkshake and chocolate milkshake, we stopped off at a great playground in Northrepps.  The kids loved the place and thought this seesaw type ride was the best.  It not only goes up and down it goes in circles.  Very fun, but very dangerous!

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