Flowers, Oh Beautiful Flowers

There is just something about flowers in the wild which I love.  The color, the scent but not so much the bees. Well, I love them in the home too! [Nils take note!]  I recently picked up two dozen daffodils from a lady next to Soren’s school, who sells them in a honesty box outside her home.  Then the very next day, the woman gave Maebh FIVE dozen to take home FREE! 🙂  She said she had acres of them and she meant it… they are in full bloom and everywhere in North Norfolk, UK.

I’ve often take photos of flowers in MACRO mode on my NIKON D40 and include them in my entries, but it was only today when I thought I’d just make a blog entry called “Flowers, Oh Beautiful Flowers” which I can update often.  I consider it a catalog of flower photos.  I often want to pick a few stems from flowers I see, but I don’t think the home owners would appreciate it – perhaps I can find some flowers in the wild.

Truthfully I probably only know less than a dozen varieties by sight – Daily, Gerber Daisy (my favorite),  Tulip (my second favorite), Pansy, Tiger Lille, Rose, Daffodil, Poppy (Norfolk’s flower) Pansy, Bluebell, Crocus, Orchid… humm… already drawing a blank.  There is a handy site which gives a load of flowers in the UK.  I thought that perhaps this will challenge me to find out the name of each flower and label them but after spending only 5 minutes on the site, my head is spinning. Try yourself and let me know if you agree.

This first group were taken at Pake & Beppe’s home in Gunthorpe – April 20, 2013.

The next group were taken in Sheringham Park, a National Trust property – April 21, 2013.

Sunday, April 28, 2013.  Spring has Sprung here in North Norfolk, UK.  We took a nice long walk (almost 4 miles) from Overstrand to Northrepps back to Overstrand today and on the trek, I took photos of so many pretty flowers.  Here are a bunch of new flowers – only know the names of a few, so I’ll try to figure them out later.  

Some additional flowers found in Beppe’s Garden.  So beautiful, especially the white ones.

July 7, 2013 – The rest of the photos are from Beppe’s garden – some with bees flying in for the pollen.  

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