Quinny Strollers – We LOVE them!!

Over 5 years ago, my in-laws (and family) threw us a really great big baby shower when they were living in Marblehead, MA.   At that time, we received so many great gifts for our soon-to-be-baby and an amazing Quinny Buzz – which I loved and used daily for 5 years (between the two kids)!   It went everywhere with us, Spain, Belgium, Holland and USA and was really a great buggy, but over time wore down and needed some parts, etc and it didn’t have much life left unless we invested at least $100  in it.   Keep in mind at this time – most American’s didn’t spend so much money on strollers so this was HUGE deal!

Then I needed wanted a more compact, lighter weight stroller and preferred to stick with the brand Quinny – so I got a Quinny Zapp.  It folds down to be the smallest, most compact stroller out there and rides nicely.  When we moved to the UK we decided not to take both strollers and only the Zapp. We gave the Buzz to a friend to fix up and use for their expecting baby.

Now, as I’m here in the UK and while we don’t use the buggy daily, some days Maebh and I walk 20 minutes or so to the town center (cobblestone streets) and around on rough terrain, my Zapp just isn’t cutting it.  A new friend I met here has the Quinny Freestyle and likes it a lot.  I don’t want to spend much money on a big buggy, especially where Maebh is going to school in September daily from 9-12 pm, so I looked on Gumtree.com {UK version of Craigslist.com} but didn’t find anything, I liked.  I then looked at Marktplaats.nl, the Dutch site, and as Quinny is Dutch, there are TONS of used Quinny Freestyles out there.  I even found one that is from the town that my sister-in-law & family lives and it is listed for sale at only 20!! Trouble is that we’re in UK, but they are planning to come here next week so I am trying to see if the owner and my brother-in-law can work out a viewing and purchase if it fits in their car.  I really really hope it works as I know we can’t find this quality buggy for that price here and I really want a bigger, more off-road buggy.

Just heard from my brother-in-law that the he viewed it and purchased it for only €10! Great!!  He said the fabric needs a good wash and some rust on the wheels due to keeping it outside.  But I’m felling pretty confident that I can fix it up with some steel wool & armor all type cleaner.   This blog post talked about taking your stroller from shabby-to-chic again, so I’m hopeful I can do the same with this buggy!

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