Wasted Air Ambulance – for a twisted leg?!

Yesterday, we had a lot of excitement in the house when the air ambulance landed right behind our house.  The kids ran up to Soren’s bed to see it go over our house as we wondered what was happening.  I thought it seemed like it was going from Cromer Lighthouse to Cromer Hospital – but thought they’d never call the air ambulance for that!

But here it is in the local newspaper – a woman twisted her ankle, really couldn’t the Fire Department, Life Guards or even the golf course just go get her in a Quad or another measure?   A nearly 2000 pound land for a twisted ankle is crazy!?!

Turns out a 42-year-old woman twisted her ankle on the cliffs… an air ambulance landed on the beach, the Dr.’s hiked the cliff, put her on a stretcher and brought her down the cliffs then put her in the helicopter and took her to the nearby hospital.    Seriously, the fire department should have a quad to drive up and get her.. or the golf course.  A person who was having a life-threatening situation could have been assisted.


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