Make Nils a Yank Fund! Trying out the new craze: Crowd Funding!

For those who don’t know my husband Nils has a meeting with “Uncle Sam” on May 1st in Worcester, MA!

The trouble is that as Nils put all our money into starting his own business which is going SLOWWW, we don’t have a lot of money and do not see how it is possible to pay for him to get there for this VERY IMPORTANT and VERY ESSENTIAL APPOINTMENT!

He creatively thought that he’d start a crowd-funding page to raise funds to pay for his ticket, the way entrepreneurs do to start up their business ventures and this is his plea:

As most of you know, my Uncle Sam is having a party in my honor on May 1 in Woosta, MA.
For the last 6 months, I have been extremely busy setting up my own business in Europe and frankly I have no money to get on a plane over the next 3 weeks. Therefore, I’m hoping to raise funds here by having this Rally for a good cause. It will eventually increase the US’ taxbase! 🙂
I figured that if every Facebook friend would pitch in $5, I should be able to buy a ticket. However, if they would pitch in $10 (still less than a pint of beer for the two of us), my homesick wife could come, too and attend Nils Fest in Woosta on May 1. 
Every dollar raised and not used to purchase the cheapest ticket available, will be used for a US Citizenship party after May 1 and to which everybody is invited, of course! 
Feel free to share with your friends and family – Thank you! – Nils

Right now, a ticket to Boston on British Airways is about $800 USD plus costs to get to London from North Norfolk – therefore, if a bunch of our friends, family and anyone else really donates herethen he can come!    But I’m really, really homesick and really really want to join too, so if he raised even more, we BOTH could come!!

While we are not sick and raising funds for a miracle treatment nor hiking up Mount Kilimanjaro, we are desperate for funds for his trip and again, I want to come too!  🙂

So if you are interested in helping out this cause, which we’d be ever so grateful, please go to the fundraising page here or sent me an email and we’ll give you our bank details!

Thanks for reading & hope to see you in Boston!!

UPDATE:  As of April 25th, Nils raised: $850!!  Thanks for all those who helped.  He’s booked his flights and is ready to go!! Sadly for me, I will NOT be joining!! 

=======================UPDATE – MAY 1, 2013 ===========================

Thanks to our generous friends, he raised $850 and was able to come back home and is now an official YANK!!!  So while we have no immediate plans to come back home yet, the door is open!

Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!

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