Maebh’s 3rd Birthday

Today our little lady turned THREE!

To celebrate we started with making a birthday cake.  We used a box mix and store bought icing, but the kids still had a great time and it was very yummy!

The kids took turns breaking the eggs, mixing and pouring in the silicone bread pans we picked up at the charity shop for a pound. I’ve never baked with silicone before but it was so easy – no grease needed and the cake baked evenly and popped right out.  I’m so going to get a few more for things like cupcakes and cakes.

Cracking Eggs


Afterwards they decorated it with little pink and white candy beads and sample a few beads and icing too!

Pake & Beppe came over to celebrate and eat cake. Maebh had fun with her cake as she not only decorated it, but Pake lit her candles THREE times so she was able to blow them out a few times
while we sang Happy Birthday in Dutch, English and even Spanish!!

Beppe brought Maebh some watercolor paint and paper, which Pake painted a photo with them.

As it was sunny weather (a bit chilly still), we walked down the beach
and spent some time walking along the shore.

It was fun but there was a small accident where Maebh got in the way and landed in the ocean a bit! 🙂

On the way down the beach, we passed a guy with a red parachute climbing up the path.  We later found him flying again in the air from the cliffs to the town center.

We stopped over at the play area where the kids played on the swings and then Soren wrote the zip line with Pake’s help.

Finally after walking home, we decided that we’d have a birthday drink in the sun at White House Pub in Overstrand.  The pub has a great backyard with a kids area and Soren played for a while we some kids, before we headed home for dinner.


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