Happy 3rd Birthday To My Baby Girl!!

April 6, 2013

Dearest Little Maebh – 

No idea where to even begin – let me start only by saying it is hard to explain how much I LOVE YOU! Your little round face, bright lively eyes, silky long blonde hair, red rosie cheeks and bouncy personality and large toothy smile, crack me up and make me so proud to be your mommy!


I’ll never forget the moment you came into this world, just three short years ago today! (I documented it online, so you’ll read it as you get older).  A breached baby, you suddenly turned the right direction by literally putting your head down, and deciding now was the time to come out.  Sandwiched between Lonnie and Papa’s birthdays – it was your time.  Three short hours later, my wish came true, a baby girl was born.  I already had a perfect boy and I really, really wanted a perfect girl and I got her!

At times you can be challenging but thankfully not enough to bring me to tears (yet)!  I think that will be in your teenage years – but we’ll talk about that in a future letter!  Lately, you’ve have learned to be stubborn and have said no, more this past two months, than you’ve done in your past six months.  At bedtime when you want just one more book, or when you cry to me saying “lay in bed with me, just you and me”, I say no and remain firm, but deep down inside I want to climb into your pink-heart, princess bed and cuddle with you all night.  The way you pout and stomp up and down lately is fairly new too.  I give in, much more than your Papa does, but you my dear are my little lady and are only little once and for that reason I give in.   I know you are not spoiled, I know you are not going to be a disaster!  Frankly, I’m not concerned! What harm is done by giving you an extra book or an extra story? The time you, me and Soren spend at bedtime when we go under my blanket with a flashlight to tell a story, makes my night.

I love your imagination and humor which is growing more and more daily.  Today when asked if you had a dream last night, you replied that you were a “Princess with a flag”.  And tonight when we talked about our favorite parts of the day, you told me it was “eating a purple chocolate Easter Egg”.

There is no doubt in my mind that you are a smart, caring, confident, and very sensitive little person just like your brother.  You and your brother Soren are best friends.  I hope and pray that you two will always be this close.  You adore him and he adores you.  When friends come and go, your brother is always going to be your real, first true best friend!

The growth you’ve had from age two to three has been amazing.  You were a little girl, who was having speech, occupational, and horse therapy for some delays.  You struggled at the playground, couldn’t jump off the ground with two feet and did a lot of pointing for things you want but now you’re talking in full sentences, running and jumping like every other child at the playground and the newest skills of climbing up Soren’s bed unassisted.  Oh, and how can I forget the standing on the edge of the couch like an Olympic gymnast will soon give me grey hairs and hopefully not a trip to the A&E.

You are a very creative girl – your love for painting, crafties, and all things of color. Soon you’ll start a dance class and be the ballet princess twirls you do so well now, will be fine-tuned and your dancing dreams will come true with tutu’s and sparkles. 

I never thought I’d say this but I actually look forward to you being THREE. Three will be a big year for you little Miss Maebh. Nursery School is just around the corner – and you are so thrilled and eager to begin.  You know your alphabet and numbers and I’m certain, you’ll be reading early.  

While you will not remain small and want to cuddle with me like you do now, I want us to be this close forever.  While you never liked to be called my little baby girl, demanding that you are a big girl, you’ll always be my baby!

You are loved my dear,



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