National Trust: Adder Adventure at Sheringham Park

During February half term, Soren & I attended the Animal Tracking Session at Sheringham Park. As he really loved it, I signed up for the session offered during April half term, Adder Adventure.  Thankfully, I booked then as it is now sold out!

It was about a 2-mile hike around the park and on a lot of uneven grounds, on and off trails – pushchairs were not allowed and therefore, Maebh was not allowed.  In thinking ahead, I booked it for the four of us, thinking Nils and I can both attend, which will allow Maebh to come too, as I know she’d really love the adventure of it.

So tomorrow, the four of us [unless the couch delivery is late] will be heading in search of Britain’s only venomous snake – the adder!  Until 6 months ago, I never heard of an adder!  We call them Snakes or Vipers, Cobras or Rattlesnakes!! 🙂  It was only when the headmaster at Soren’s school was giving us a tour of the “Forest Schools area” when I asked if we should be concerned for ticks and Lyme Disease – he said no, but rarely we’ll come across an adder!  Thankfully, an adder bite is a rare occurrence and the NHS estimates that only around 100 people are bitten in the UK each year and due to the anti-venom serum given, death is not common!

Truthfully I’m not sure if I really want to find an adder on tomorrows venture!  Soren is thrilled as he talks about the California Rattle Snake a lot (we watched a show on it before and the scientist caught it in a large glass tube so we as viewers could see his tongue up close).   Maebh on the other hand says, “snake, what snake?  Showed her the photo and she replies: yeah, weep, weep, weep. It turns around and tickles me, Soren and Papa!”

UPDATE:  Unfortunately we got a call this am around 9 am telling us that the event was CANCELLED due to the cold weather and that due to it not being sunny, the adders would not come out.  They’ll refund the money and will try again in May! Kids were bummed!!


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