Redwings Horse Sanctuary

Today we took the kids to a visit at Redwings Horse Sanctuary in Aylsham.  It’s the UK’s largest horse sanctuary, caring for over 1,200 horses, ponies, donkeys, and mules every day.  The place is really great and brand new.  They have been in the news lately for a huge scandal in Wales where they saved 26 horses from death.  A lot of the animals are re-homed but for the ones who are medically not able to be re-homed, they stay and live out their lives here at the Sanctuary.

Fields and fields of space for the horses.


The best part is that it is FREE to visit!  It’s run by volunteers and relies on donations to continue to support the animals and maintain the land and buildings.  They had great kids play area, with facts, stats & a measuring stick to see how many “hands” you are.  They also have a kids quiz and coloring pages in the cafe.  We will come back when it’s warmer to use the playground area.   Love to give support to such a great place like this.








Soren once again surprised me by patting the horses.  This one horse had such a strange blue eye.  I feel that nearly every horse I’ve ever seen had brown eyes, right?


One horse, Lord Tucan, even closed his eyes when he patted him.   While Maebh loves horses, especially her therapy horse, Klagen, who is back in Boston, she doesn’t want to touch them.



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