Easter Egg Trail at Holt Country Park

Today I took Maebh and Soren to an Easter Egg Trail at Holt Country Park.   I ran into two mums I knew from Sheringham, so we tagged along with them.  Thankfully the path was pretty stroller friendly as Maebh didn’t want to walk the entire way so I pushed her.

It was well organized and fun for all. But I do admit some of the questions were a little tricky.  You follow along the trails and come to signs posted with facts about baby animals and then a question.  You then write down your answer and then just a bit away from the question is the answer, a photo and the letter you put on your paper.  The goal is to spell out a phrase and then when you come to Jack Frost, you tell him what you spelled out by following the clues.  The answer was: “Bring Me Sunshine Jack“.  Soren got shy and wouldn’t say it but it was still fun.

There was a table with some crafts then some baby animals from Melsop Farm to touch. Soren naturally hopped up and held the soft baby bunny.  Maebh touched it, but didn’t want it on her lap.  Oh and how could I forget, the Easter Bunny was there with some chocolate treats for all the who participated.  More chocolate to add to the Easter collection!

Finally the trail ends at the kids play area where the kids played on the structures before heading home for lunch.

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