Easter Egg Hunt with Pake & Beppe

Easter morning, we visited Pake & Beppe’s for an Egg Hunt!  They had already placed a bunch of chocolate eggs from Holland in their yard along with two special bunnies.  We then put out a dozen or so plastic ones filled with treats along with two brightly colored pails [which they now call Bucket & Spades] which were filled with bubbles and some simple things – but these were from the Easter Bunny to help collect their eggs.

And they were off – Soren as fast as can take his orange pail and headed up like a mad man, filling up his bucket in record speed.  Maebh took her time and when she found the bunny, she kept it in one hand the entire time.  She was still getting a few more eggs but didn’t want to part with the bunny in her hand.  Beppe gave a few clues at times when the kids were stuck.


















We then went inside to warm up and eat some yummy apple tart which Beppe made.
The kids of course, got to eat some of the treats.
Then they played some fun games of Tic Tac Toe with Pake.  A few times Maebh made hilarious faces at Soren and then he was set off but he “took one for the team” after calling Maebh a cheater?! 🙂








They had a lot of fun this Easter and we have TONS of chocolate left including two fully intact bunnies!

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