Easter Egg Hunt at Barningham Hall, Matlaske & Beach Walk

Easter Egg Hunt Barningham Hall .jpgWe were thinking about taking them to the SPC Horse Trials in Burnham Market, as some of the British Olympic horses were there along with some pretty famous riders like Zara Phillips (eldest grand daughter of the Queen!) and Piggy French.  I personally would have loved it and I know the kids would with their love of horses and riding but… it was COLD and we thought why drop £24 plus gas to get there and the kids be freezing and complaining asking to go home, etc. [it was snowing a bit in the am and the daily high was about 7C!}

Thinking of fun things to do with the kids for Easter, I remembered a paper which came home in his school bag advertising a fun Easter Egg Hunt at Barningham Hall which proceeds supported a local preschool in a town not too far from S’s school.  We headed that way and it was great fun for the kids.  I think a lot of mums had the same idea as I ran into a few mums which I knew there.

They first started off having an Easter Egg Hunt by finding 20 baskets filled with mini chocolate eggs.


Typically fashion, Soren sprinted forward and was off… collecting as many eggs as possible with Maebh right behind him. But for some reason, he only selected blue eggs.







He even met up with the Easter Bunny at one of the “holes”.



Inside the barn was an area for face painting and Papa did a simple craft with Maebh while Soren & I waited in line.  Maebh chose to be a Butterfly Princess (only the second time she has has ever her face painted and both times she has been a butterfly) and Soren chose Batman but as they didn’t know how to do it, he opted for Spiderman.




They played with the hula hoops for a bit and then we headed out.







We stopped home, got on our boots and headed up the path next to the Royal Cromer Golf Course up to the Cromer Lighthouse and then down the steps to the beach right behind our house to explore.    It’s such a great place to live – the beach is active with dog walkers and people one minute, then you find yourself minutes later alone with just the sound of the waves and birds.









Random fire we saw burning half way up the path to the beach.



At the beach, you often see birds feasting on crabs, star fish and fish but you don’t often get to see not one but TWO dead porpoises!






There was a hang glider flying above us, as if he was following us.







Maebh found some seaweed and said “Look seaweed like on the Octonauts”

After we walked on the beach for a while, the kids were both begging for Nils to carry them.  This totum pole lasted one minute!  After some struggles, the kids walked back up towards the Kings Chalet Park area where there is a kids play area and a zip line.  Soren took a few turns on it, but it was really too cold to stay and enjoy it more.  We’ll be back for sure!







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