Another Afternoon Walk & Play At The Beach

After an Egg Hunt in the morning, we headed home, bundled up quite warm and headed out again for another walk down to the beach this time with their buckets and spades.

Just like before, we head up behind our house past the Golf Course (quietly trying not to disturb those on the course – just once I want to yell FORE from the bushes!!) up to the Cromer Lighthouse and then down the path to the steps and then down to the vast, empty beach.


Maebh was so interested in building sandcastles, she tried with soft sand and had a laugh that it didn’t work as she hoped.  When we did it in the wet sand, she became wet and sandy so that was not a success either.  Finally, I convinced her to just forget it this time and wait until it’s warmer.  She then started balancing on the rocks and found that very funny!





















Soren had a great time trying to find things like starfish one was dead and another which was still alive.




After about an hour of walking and fun playing and stopping at every little thing, we walked into Cromer by way of the beach huts.












Finally, we warmed up with a beer and hot chocolate at the Red Lion Pub before heading home via a taxi cab as it was starting to get dark so we were not going to walk the beach back and their little legs couldn’t take the mile walk home. Thankfully it was only a 3-pound fare!



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