Easter Egg Hunt – Take One

A while back I was doing some searching on Pinterest.com, and I found a bunch of fun Easter-themed events and crafts to do with the kids. The best one was a Glow In The Dark Easter Egg Hunt.   I have been planning it for a while and tonight was the big night.

Inspiration “Pin”

First you have to get large, plastic fill-able eggs (these and glow sticks were given to us from my parents during N’s recent trip to Boston).  Then for the lights – you could do several things.  Glow stick bracelets, mini led lights or those RAVE finger lights which we once got at the laser rollerskating rink.   I have seen those finger lights in a fix it computer repair shop in Sheringham for about 3 pounds for 4 of them.  I kept hesitating and decided that we’d do the bracelets, but  I’m kicking myself as the glow sticks didn’t work as great as I hoped.


In fact, one hole package (15 sticks) didn’t work and the ones which did wouldn’t fit in the eggs as they kept busting open as I didn’t have any tape around.  So the kids and I scrapped the egg hunt part for the night and had a Glow Stick Hunt instead.  The kids don’t know this but I bought some treats to put in the eggs for tomorrow’s hunt (and possibly one with Pake & Beppe on Sunday) they’ll certainly be happy with mini chocolates and Smarties.  If that little store in Sheringham is open and perhaps I’ll get a few packs of the RAVE finger lights and we’ll try it again.

As for the “hunt” – it was fun and lasted about 2 minutes.  I had the kids go in the playroom while I “hid” the bracelets [aka placed them out in the open] around the kitchen, dining room and living room.   Soren charged in and had about 8 on his arm while Maebh was a bit slower and behind him with a big three bracelets.   It then turned into glow stick play fun – let’s turn off the lights and twirl them, spin them and do all kids of fun stuff with them (while all along I secretly prayed they didn’t break and leak).    We took turns taking photos of them and some of the photos were actually very cool.

The hunt in the kitchen.
Playing with the sticks.


Soren’s arm filling up quickly.
















The final count: Soren on left and Maebh’s three on the right.



After that bit of fun, Soren suggested we play a game he learned here in the UK called “Musical Statues”. It’s just like musical chairs but instead of sitting you freeze.  So I would sing and then the kids would run and dance around and when the music stopped, they’d have to freeze.  Maebh was hilarious. After a while they were pretending they were Acela trains going really fast in circles.






All in all, we had a fun time with the glow sticks and had a lot of laughs and no injuries!

I’ll surely post photos from whatever we do next – I envision sugared-up kids from chocolate and Egg Hunt!


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