Bingo Night at S’s School.

The “Friends” of Soren’s school hosted an Easter Bingo last night…  I was going take Soren alone but then Beppe offered to watch Maebh and Nils joined us.   It was no place for little ones – they are so tired and by the time it was done at 9:00 pm even Soren at 5 was done.

It was not like the bingo back home as it was much funnier.  After each number, the headmaster called out a funny bingo saying like you find here
28 – Two and eight, in a state.
30 – Burlington Bertie or Dirty Gertie
32 – Buckle My Shoe
33 – All the threes
44 – Droopy Drawers 
53 – Here comes Herbie
88 – Two fat ladies
We played a total of 5 games.  The first game was to get bingo on the top line, then it is followed by cover all.  Then we did it again with middle line, coverall, then corners, etc, etc.   So close… yet no BINGO!!

S starting off with his bingo ticket.
S’s version  – almost cover all!
Papa’s edition.
Each time a person won, they were given a giant golden chocolate egg – and Soren sooo wanted to win it and at the end, I think there was nearly some tears.  

Probably had visions of the great golden egg he found in Byfield, at Jeff & Jocelyn’s Annual Easter Egg Hunt with a delicious Bloody Mary Bar before a lovely dinner at the Robinsons!

 We took a break and ate our “tea” [that is what they call dinner].  Jacket potatoes with beans and/or cheese.  We never have that and it was yummy and Nils had three I think. 🙂  We’ll have this for dinner soon but we agreed, we’d add some BACON!

There was a raffle table with some books, mugs, two bottles of wine and a few 6 pack of beers.  We got a bunch of raffle tickets and won FIVE things.  So we ended up with a bottle of win, a 6-pack of beer and three books – one of which he gave to Blake, S’s Reception “Best Buddy”.  Blake was so sweet and came over with a little drawing he did for S.

Our winnings!

Soren then finished up the night with a sugar high on the treats he purchased for himself and one for M!  But as she has a tummy bug, she’ll not be able to enjoy it for a while, if ever!

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