Wroxham Barns

Today Reception & Nursery classes at GVS took a field trip to Wroxham Barns and luckily for me, I was able to chaperon.   I really love being active in Soren’s learning and always do my best to volunteer or be as present as possible for him and will do so with Maebh.  It means a lot to him to have me there & I really enjoy it.  All in all the kids were great, not a single “issue” and they all listened and had a great time.  I was to watch Soren & one of the little boys in his class C.

I’ve heard great things about Wroxham Barns, but have yet to be there with the kids.  We will definitely be going back with Soren & Maebh.  It’s a great place… 1/18th the size of Davis Farm Land. To give you an idea, you don’t go into the pens with the animals like you do at Davis, but you can hand feed FOUR goats vs. FOURTY FIVE goats!  They have some nice cafes, a soon to open beer stand (great for the dads), mini golf, playground, funfair, 10 craft type shops like a paint your own pottery studio and a beautiful stained glass shop.

We started off with a leader instructing us on how to feed the animals and gave some kids food for the big animals and some kids got a bad of food for the birds.  They were all so great in sharing so even kids with bird food were able to have a go with the other animals.

Soren impressed me so much with holding the animals (Guinea Pig) and feeding the large goats. He had no problem putting out his hand and letting them eat of his hand. I’d NEVER do it!!!

They were able to pet a chicken, then a rabbit and each hold one of the several Guinea pigs.

We then were able to bottle feed the orphan lambs, followed by lunch then some playground fun – a game of “What time is it Mr. Wolf” for the older kids and indoor soft play for the Nursery kids.

Before we left for home, we were able to watch the huge pigs (one who just had 12 little babies) each have their feeding session and then followed by egg collection.

Here are some photos of Soren today.  Such a great day for all, looking forward to taking S & M when its a bit warmer and all the parts are open.

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