Overstrand Beach & Playground

St. Patrick’s Day is a 100% NON-EVENT here in North Norfolk, so we skipped being “Irish for the day” and headed out for a little family time.  We knew we had to stop at the Morrison’s grocery store before 4, so figured we’d go to the Cromer location and so we went to the Overstrand playground first then hit the beach for a little walk. Last time we were there was January, (that post is here) so figured it would be fun.
As the weather was chilly but not too bad and not raining, we headed out.  The kids normal coats & hats were in the wash due to ensuring the NITS were not attached, so they were not dressed as well as they should have been.  It was manageable and the wind kept us moving.

The playground is cute, things for younger kids & a great climbing structure, which Soren turns into Spiderman and heads to the top.

After some playground play, we headed out for a walk.  Nils’ suggestion was to “walk this way, the view is great. You can see Cromer Pier and our future house!”.  Upon further walking, it was a high cliff, no edge, ah NO THANK YOU!   So after me complaining, we headed back the other way…. headed down toward the beach a more safer route.  Well generally it is safer, but it’s really steep walk down and I was not wearing appropriate shoes, so I slipped a little.  Stairs would be much better!!

Finally managing to get to the bottom, we walked along the “broadwalk”.  There was some crazy mudslides and support structures along the cliffs.  Down on the beach to look at the interesting fossil like rocks… played at the huts for a bit and then headed home with a stop at the grocery store first.

Lovely family day out.  Looking forward to warmer weather so we can actually sit and enjoy the beach with buckets and spades and some crabbing at the Cromer Pier & Wells-Next-The-Sea Quay.

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