Nits… came, left and are back….

Saturday, March 2nd, the day before Nils was leaving for a long trip, I noticed that Maebh had something in her hair. Upon closer inspection it was a NIT aka head lice.  Then I checked Soren’s head and sure enough he had them too.  So I rushed to the pharmacy and bought the strongest, most effective anti-nit treatment available.. in fact, I bought TWO bottles.  The Pharmacist told me the only way they were moving to another person was from head to head contact.  He went on to say it’s not possible to live on your pillow, etc.
The NHS’s website says:  Head lice crawl from head to head when you’re close to someone who has them. Children are particularly at risk, because they’re often in close contact with other children at school.  [Didn’t believe that he came head to head with any of his friends… UNTIL I saw he and his Pal #2, Will head to head laughing and playing games so now I’m sure of it!!]
However, head lice can’t fly or jump, and it’s very rare to get head lice from a pillow or a towel as they can’t survive away from a human head for very long.

But contrary to what we heard from him and read, Beppe & I believe differently and we washed every single sheet, pillow cover, blanket and car seat cover available that day.  We were not going to have these buggers around long.

Of course, I checked myself and didn’t have any but felt itchy all of a sudden so I decided to self-treat even without having them.  The process required me to wash their hair, towel dry it, then apply this liquid oil type treatment to their hair and leave on for 8 hours – going to bed with this wet hair and then wash it out the next day.  It’s important to know that to wash Maebh’s hair, it is a huge production which includes tears, screaming …{which I’m sure can be heard by the neighbors} and before she enters the shower she stalls by saying she has to poop – which then takes 20 minutes.    After loads of back and forth and doing it to myself and Soren, Maebh agreed and we did her hair too.

Here are two video of Soren & Maebh telling me about the nits. Hard not to find it funny!

The bottled said to repeat after 7 days but as it was such a production the first time doing it alone as Nils was away, I thought we were in the clear.  In reading up on it more, it also says 10-14 days later any eggs which were in the hair are ready to hatch now!  Well today is March 16th and just when I thought we were in the clear, I washed Maebh’s hair tonight and spotted TWO little frigging Nits!!   So far Soren & I are clear but we’re going to wash everything again tomorrow and treat us all!  Well, I say us all but Nils refuses to treat – so we’ll have a good look tomorrow with the fine tooth comb and go from there.  

Not sure how she got them again – whether she got it from being close to a friend in her weekly mum & me things – or if it was an egg which hatched.  Nils’ school has a sign advising that they are going around but they are not able to check the children any more and can only advise they are going around.

Ugh all I can say is what a disaster – but this too will pass!!

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