Annual Report of Progress & Achievement

Today the school gave out the annual reports.  They had sent them home last year at the end of the school year, but by moving them ahead in Spring, it allows teachers, parents & the student the ability to work on any items which need “help”.

I’m very pleased with Soren’s report.  He arrived to a new country at 4, put straight into school a full year earlier than he’d be if we were still in Boston and has shown such great advancements so quickly.  For starters, I’m pretty sure he would not be reading yet in Boston!

Two teachers & the headmaster collaborated on his report, which is great.  I also have highlighted in italics and underscore the key points which we have to work on at home and school.  None of it is new to me.  He’s part me and he is definitely his father’s son. He’ll talk loud, be seen and make sure he’s seen and heard by all.  Let’s hope he keeps up this confidence he has at such a young age for the rest of his life!! 🙂

General Comments:
When Soren started Reception in October, he quickly settled into the simple rules and routines of our setting.  It is fantastic to see the progress he has made with his learning.  He accesses all the areas of learning, but shows particular preferences for the role play area, construction, the malleable table and the outdoor activities.  He is maturing into a confident, enthusiastic, independent learning who will happily play by himself or initiate activities with others.  With his extrovert, lively confident natures, Soren embraces new experiences with an open mind.  He loves to talk and often has something interesting to contribute but must ensure he also listens and gives others the opportunity to express themselves. He has an empathetic nature and will comfort a child who is upset.  He is invariably kind, considerate, polite and helpful.  Soren has a great sense of humor and loves to share a joke.  It is an absolute pleasure to witness the progress Soren has made since October.  I look forward to supporting and guiding him through the next steps in his learning.

Personal, Social & Emotional Development:
With his exuberant, friendly personality Soren quickly formed secure relationships with his peers and the adults who work in our setting.  He will initiate activities  “Let’s do a swimming race”, and keeps play going by responding to what others are saying or doing.  He can select and use resources independently but will ask for help when he needs it.  Soren understands the simple rules in our settings,  but sometimes needs reminders to moderate the loudness of his voice.

Communication and Language:
It is obvious that Soren has shared books with an adult from an early age.  He loves stories, joining in with repeated refrains and anticipating key events.  He sometimes needs reminders to listen carefully, as he is so full of ideas that he can talk out of turn or over other people.  Passing an object round that gives the holder the right to speak is a useful visual reminder for Soren.  He uses a wide vocabulary, based on his experiences and confidently uses talk to organize, clarify and sequence his ideas, feelings and actions: “I’d like to be a chameleon so I could be camouflaged.”

Physical Development:
Soren is an active and energetic boy who loves to be outside.  He shows control and coordination with his gross motor skills: cooking in our mud kitchen in Forest Schools, helpign Sheila prepare our vegetable bed for planting.  Soren’s fine motor skills were initially underdeveloped as he held one handed tools with a whole-handed grasp. However, with practice, he has made rapid progress with this and now holds a pencil correctly and can form recognizable letters.

Soren has made excellent progress since starting our phonics scheme, Read Write Inc. particularly with his reading.  Although he started when we had already begun learning set 1 sounds, he quickly picked them up and is now sight reading many cvc words and simple ‘red’ (phonetically irregular) words.  He has already moved on to the next level in our banded books.  He can write his own name, using mostly correctly formed letters, and is writing for different purposes: to self-register in the mornings, making a card for Alfie, recording the winners in our races.

Soren has a natural interest in and aptitude for numbers. He can count reliably to 40 and recognize most numbers to 20.  He habitually uses maths in play; using a stopwatch in our races “This is how much time it took”, finding patterns inside a large chunk of ice, measuring Abi’s height “She’s 100!”  He is interested in number problems, asking Mr. Goodliffe “Do you know what 3 and 6 are? 9!”, counting 14 w’s that he’d written on his whiteboard. Soren can name and describe simple 2d shapes wihch we then extended to pentagon, hexagon, octagon and semi-circle.  He enjoyed using shapes to make patterns and pictures, including a line of boats and a transformer.

Understanding of the World:
Soren enjoys joining in with family customs and routines, such as helping his mum make a pumpkin pie for Thanksgiving.  With his wide bank of experiences and his inquisitive nature, Soren has an excellent general knowledge  When the man came to check the boiler  Soren said: “It (the boiler) boils the water and it goes into the pipes to keep us warm.” He has used age-appropriate software on the computer and is developing good mouse skills. He enjoys using our V-Tech camera to take photos of others and used the effects option to take a self-portrait as an astronaut.

Expressive Language:
Soren has made an excellent rocket using recycled materials.  He had his own definite ideas on how he wanted the finished rocket to look. He listened carefully how to attach this materials securely.  Soren is enjoying art club and always participates enthusiastically.  He listed with interest to how Aboriginal designs are created.  He then used this technique to create his own Aboriginal style painting.

Next steps in supporting Soren’s learning:
Encourage Soren to listen to what others have to say by using a “talking object”.
This past month, we are doing something at the dinner table where Soren asks each person to discuss what their favorite part of the day was.

Headteacher’s Comments:What a fantastic start to Soren’s reception year. He is a delightful young man with a thirst for learning.  Well done, Soren!

While he can be loud, talk a lot, shout out the answer and ask A LOT of questions, I’m darn proud of my little guy!

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