James Beck Auction Take Two….

Last week I posted about a really great Auction in Fakenham (about 15 minutes from here)… well it’s nearly time again for this week’s auction.    I’ll be picking up Nils in Norwich at the time of the auction (yeah and boo) so I’ll have to miss it this week.   In looking at their site, there are  few things I’d happily bid a little amount on as I’d like them.  A desk, some dishes, some vases, a wendy house for the kids – So curious about the price of which they were sold.

This sideboard has potential – but not the creepy little boy from Old Navy!  Who they heck would want that..???!!
While I don’t care for the color, we could use that wardrobe in one of the bedrooms. 
Nice desk – again I don’t like the color, I’d change up the knobs and paint – loads of potential!

Love the style (and color) of the wardrobe in the back.  
Group of colorful vases on the table – top middle.
Willow Blue set of dishes.. LOVE, LOVE!
Cool “Wendy house” & old school scooter in the back.  

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