Creation Station Class #2 & Back to the Garden

Big golden fish – with a little help from me.

Today was Creative Station class #2 for Maebh and probably her last.  I posted about class #1 last week.  As expected, she had a great time first putting on her red suit and getting to be messy with crafties and doing a golden fish picture with today’s color theme: Orange & Gold.  But I’ve decided to NOT sign up for regular weekly classes, especially if we move up to Cromer.

The lady who runs the group is a very nice, friendly woman, but truthfully, I’d rather just spend the £5.00 on creative bits here & there and then do fun things we find on in the convenience of our own home, like we used to do in Boston.  This week the two boys who where last were not there this time either, but a new mum with two kids.  The kids didn’t interact with each other one bit and it was a bit of awkward dead silence at times too.  Overall not the greatest class I’ve attended.  Once she gets her groove, I’m sure it will be smoother.

Honestly, I think she’d really enjoy a dance class more than this class.  Here are some photos from today.

Red suit on and ready to go. 
Fishy paint!
Making her magical gold & orange fishy picture.
Her magical creation (with some help from me).
Princess Maebh’s Crown 
Stamp time
Oops a little blurry but her I’m Creative star.

Afterwards, we were going to get a coffee, juice and treat at Horatio’s Mug in Holt, like we do often.  Then I thought but I really had to move my car from the parking lot of the Community Centre, so instead I thought we should stop at the Back To The Garden Cafe & Shop.  I’ve heard a lot of great things about this place and sure enough, it was A M A Z I N G!!  I didn’t buy anything at the shop but the bread, meats & cheeses alone were enough to make me spend £100 in 5 minutes, if that!  The restaurant offers breakfast, lunch and dinner along with some “theme nights” with “Fish Night” coming up at the end of the month.  The food looks so good too!

I just read that every Tuesday morning they have a knitting group, sounds fun – but then I don’t even qualify as one who knows how to knit!  Jelje was nice enough to get me started and it was fun but I have to get back to it soon before it’s summer! 🙂  

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