Certificate Award & Games with Mums

Today, Soren’s school had an assembly where the parents are invited to hear the Headmaster speak about what is going on and give credit to special accomplishments like certificates for kids who know their maths tables.  Two kids, who are part of the boy scouts group Beavers, gave a speech about how much money they raised for their charity.  All the children in the school come in and as always, there is about five parents who attend (nearly always the same few plus one or two others who come as they have been notified that their child is receiving an award or speaking in front of the group).

I was told that Soren would be getting a certificate and when the Headmaster called him up alone, he was surprised as they don’t tell the kids about the award.  His certificate was for knowing all his Read, Write, Inc., Stage One sounds!!    Here is a video of it (the sound is poor – as always).

Then it was time to talk about the potatoes which were in the small wheel barrow on the left, he asked for a volunteer – Soren raised his hand, popped up and told the entire school that his class dug them up.  Along with carrots which they made carrot cake and carrot soup.  So proud of him!  Will he go for Student Council in the fall or be a House Captain in the years to come? 🙂  I had a talk with him about being a “leader and follower” and right after, he said, “I like to be a follower.  First I see what Blake and Alfie make their names on a Sun or Cloud and then I follow them. I like that!”.  I just laugh and say – he’s too young to understand.

Afterwards, we were invited back to The Unit to work on their learning journals and play a game with the kids.  We brought in the little flip game, but it was too difficult for the kids… so instead we played Alfie’s Rocket Ship game with him and Maebh.

Then Maebh played a game of Snap with Soren’s teacher, Ms. Samuels.  It was a lot of fun and he loved having us there and we love being there.  Maebh can’t wait for September as she’ll start school – Nursery.
A game of SNAP with Ms. Samuels. 
She’s so excited to be in school in September where she’ll play this all the time. 

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