Creation Station Class in Holt

Today Maebh and I attended a 50 minute Toddler Art Class ran by The Creation Station at the Holt Community Centre.  I knew it existed in the North Norfolk area for a while, but none of the classes were that close to us, I just passed it up.  Well, I read that a new franchisee just started the classes in Holt, so I thought why not check it out.  The classes cost £5. each week but with the first taster sessions, it was 2 classes for £5!  After dropping Soren off at school we tried a class and just as I thought, Maebh LOVED it.

We started of with a welcome hello song, followed by a parachute game, matching colors and then the art part began.  This week’s theme was “Colors: Blue & Yellow” so they were each given some paint and they were to mixed it to make green, then use other bits and stuff to create a vase.  As this was only week two, it was small with only three kids.  One was nearly four, a two year old who didn’t want to do anything and Maebh and she was dressed in her full red suit, ready to go..  It was nice being so small that she was not overwhelmed with chaos and so many older kids taking over as I find in some classes/playgroups with 10+ kids.

It was her chance to be creative, get messy and have a great item to take home and hang on her wall.   She did great and really is looking forward to next week’s class which is themed “Gold & Orange”.  As it’s in Holt and hopefully we’ll be moving to Cromer soon, I’ll probably not enroll her in the class full time, rather only as a drop in here & there.  Naturally, as our Arts & Crafts bin is starting to grow, I’ll do these type of stuff at home with her like we did in the US, but it’s also for her to socialize with other kids and parents too.

We will be back for next week’s class as it’s technically a free class and see how it goes.  For now here are a bunch of photos of my little lady getting her creativity on!

Ready to start in her full body suit! 
Ready to start!! 
Making a flower.

Tickling her face with a feather. 

Adding bits here & there!
The final masterpiece!
All kids love a stamp at the end!! 

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