Cromer House on Overstrand Road

CROMER – Gem of the Norfolk Coast!
“On the lighthouse cliff at Cromer, looking west over the little fisher town, a mere cluster of cottages that encircle a tall chuck tower, the setting sun reddens and burns, and lingers momentarily over the horizon until at last it sinks contentedly into the silent sea…”  From Poppy-Land by Clement Scott – 1890!

Front of house
So last week, we visited a home in Cromer on Overstrand Road.  I originally thought it was terrible and that it seemed like ghosts lived there, but this week, we’re actively pursuing it for a  home for our family!  

We were pleasantly surprised. Nils loved it and I liked it. But it has grown on me over the past few days when we think of it’s potential for our family with furniture. It offers a lot of space for your money. It’s a rather larger house, 2.5 bathrooms, 4 bedrooms, office for Nils, playroom, kitchen/dining, fireplaces in nearly every room (not all working, some coal fired) living room and a huge, fenced in backyard along with a large parking area (previously used for the church so plenty of space for play date parking (should I ever have enough friends & for BBQs).  It’s heated with gas & has double glazed windows, so hopefully it’s pretty energy efficient.

Built in 1885, it was the old rectory of a Catholic church next door which is no longer used – there is an old priest which comes to the church hall every now and then but it that part of the property is used only occasionally for meetings.  [Please no insert of Old Priest jokes here] It is right next door to the Royal Cromer Golf Course which is supposed to be quite the place.  Pehraps we’ll join as non-playing members – JOKING!!  It is also located just at the bottom of the hill to Trinity House/Cromer Lighthouse.  The day we visited, we walked up the hill to the cliff and stood on the helicopter pad next to the lighthouse – so beautiful, though very chilly.  The ocean is just down below and there is an amazing cliff walk from Overstrand to Cromer, which we’ll be doing if we get the house.  You can read more about it on this PDF.

It also says it has direct access onto the beach via the adjoining “Happy Valley” and Warren Woods – designated as an area of natural beauty – so perfect for us ocean lovers.  Another bonus is that it is not far from Soren’s school – 4.1 miles each way.  This will be great for pick up & drop off – especially when Maebh starts attending in September for 5 days a week 9-noon!!

Happy Valley

Just under a mile is Overstrand  a place I blogged about before and it is home to a very nice pub called the White Horse Pub with a great kid-friendly outdoor space and supposedly they have good food.  After we viewed the house, we stopped in for a couple beers and crisps.    I then learned they were looking for a BINGO announcer on Thursday nights – LOL.  Can you imagine my American accent yelling out B-14.

Overstrand Beach Promenade

It’s about 1 mile to Cromer town center and 1 mile to the little town of Overstrand.

Arial view of Overstrand

Personally I really really wanted to settle in Sheringham, as I’ve started to make friend there, but what I am looking for has not yet come on the rental market.  I’d like a larger, 3-story Victorian terraced house with a small garden & parking just outside of the main shopping streets.  After being here since the last week of September it has yet to come up!!   I’ll still visit Sheringham but I’ll also do some stuff in Cromer and Overstrand now too.

So I’m starting to become more realistic and find what works best for our family.  With that said, I think we’d be happy in this home.

Cromer Lighthouse – Amazing Sunrises in this area.
Backyard – great for kids & firepit!! 
Master Bath 
Kids Bathroom
Kitchen – washer, dishwasher, fridge & freezer. 
Could have upgraded the sink and stove!! 
Living room
Kids playroom 
Kids playroom

Updated:  Tuesday, March 6, 2013 – Application fee paid – soon to be filed, wish us luck!

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