A Fishy Valentine’s Day treatS for school!

The end result.

Not sure what happened but nearly my entire post was deleted and only have is here now.  So I won’t bother rewriting it all – just write that we wanted to do something for Valentine’s Day here in the UK and we thought something un-sugary would be better.  I got the idea from my favorite site, Pinterest.com

I admit the cards you see on Pinterest.com are much better as they use a printer & use nice card stock – I don’t have one.  Instead, I did it from scratch using paper from our tiny box of crafts.  (Slowly getting bigger, but not like what we had in Boston). Many of them actually were able to go to Michaels or AC Moore and get plastic bags which are round in shape with twist ties, nothing of such here in good ole North Norfolk.  I settled for some small zip lock type bags from Budgens and some ribbon from a nearby sewing shop (which was terrible by the way).  I envision a trip to Hobby Craft and stock up on tons of stuff.

Here is Maebh begging for Googly Eyes and they money to pay for them will come from “Papa’s Wallet”


  • Clear plastic sandwich baggies 
  • A package of goldfish crackers
  • White and blue construction paper
  • Scissors
  • Markers
  • Glue stick

Trace a bowl on a stack of white and blue paper in a circle. Cut out the circles.. then take the blue and make waves so you have two semi circles with waves on top!

  • Glue the smaller blue part with the waves facing up and the blue oval to the bottom (this is your water)
  • Use your marker to write “I’m Happy We’re In The Same “School”!  Then I put Happy Valentine’s Day under it. 
  • Next put your paper bowl into a plastic sandwich bag.
  • Stuff a handful of goldfish crackers in.
  • Close your bag with enough air inside to make it look like a fish being transported home from a pet shop.
  • Tie a ribbon on top. 

They don’t look thrilled but this was the best photo I have with them both looking at me and not making funny faces. 
Not without sampling a few handfuls.
Soren giving tying the ribbon a “go”
Maebh stuffing the bags too.  First time was a SINGLE goldfish.  lol
Another head band. 
Maebh’s “having a go” at tying the ribbon.


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