02/02/12 – 11 Year Wedding Anniversary Lunch

02/02/02 – (11 years ago we were married) Today Nils & I celebrated our 11th wedding anniversary in the company of our two kids, (5 & almost 3) in Norwich, Norfolk, UK.

We took the park & ride in from Norwich airport and the kids were psyched to get on the “Decker, Decker Bus”.  The minute we got on the bus, Soren wanted to head up to the top front.  Unfortunately the two front seats were occupied, so we settled for second row.  Eventually the family got off and I took both kids to the front.  Mistake – it was a like a roller coaster ride in the Omni Imax Theatre.  Perhaps it was because i had to hold Maebh to ensure her safety if we stopped, but after about 10 seconds, I closed my eyes.

The city itself was very busy… we stopped at the Forum, a stop over at Chappelfields and popped in a few stores, but the main reason we visited the city was to have lunch.  I stopped in Primark and found a few really cheap pair of sunglasses for Maebh but when I saw the line was nearly out the door, no way was I wanting in line for 20 minutes (minimum) for a 1 pound pair of sunglasses.

I had done some research online to find a Mexican restaurant and thought it would be great, as I could FINALLY have a frozen margarita with salt. I have not yet found mix to make it at home and not a single restaurant here makes it. Upon arrival, the first challenge was that it was located upstairs  – so we had to folk up Maebh’s stroller (which thankfully it is a small one which can be folded) and headed up the stairs.  Immediately, I was able to get a frozen margarita while we waited for our table.   Oh and of course, had a few photos taken.  It was delicious – made by the Jose Cuervo machine so it was pretty strong too.  The meal itself was okay – we’re talking fake, fake Mexican.  To give you an idea – 99% of their meals are served with fries and not rice and beans.  We had to take an adult meal and change it up a bit to find a suitable meal for the kids – who both simply wanted a soft taco with rice & beans.   I wish I could have taken a photo of the “loaded nachos”… lets just say I promised Nils we could make a “real” set of load nachos at home one day to get the fix.  All in all, it was okay – but I would not rush back in and pay full price.  I’d simply get a few margaritas and perhaps some appetizers like jalapeno poppers, etc.   I did see a lunch deal recently featured on Groupon – though I probably won’t grab it if they offer it again.

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