School Assembly (Birthday Song)

As I posted before, every fortnight, the school offers an open coffee session with the headmaster and then we’re invited back to the kids’ classrooms to watch them learn and/or participate in a craft.

This week a little different in that it was Soren’s turn to come to the front of the room for his birthday cupcake and song.  And it was a biggie, as he was the only child.  Some times there is 5-6 kids so he got a lot of attention.  Here is a video of it – but you really can’t hear it well.

He also was asked to come to the front of the room for something else – in Maths (yes it’s plural in UK), he was learning about weights and measures.  He was explaining to the group that on a scale one item was heavy and then he needed 3 pieces of another item to make them equal weight.   (Hard to hear but it was cute)

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