Another Package from Boston!

Today another care package arrived from Boston!!   This time it was from one of my BFFs Erica.  In it were two wrapped birthday presents for Soren (which he’ll be so excited to open after school), some yummy Valentine’s Day treats for the kids, along with a big bag of goldfish and orea cookies – which I’ll be sure to share with the kids! 🙂

It also contained some girls’ training pants with a plastic cover from Suzanne.   I know it sounds crazy, but we have not been able to find those plastic covers and think training underwear here. She posted on the NSPG Message board that she had some girl ones which she’d like to re-home and I figured since Erica was sending a package, she could include it.   Maebh has been using the potty a lot, but only when I put her on it to pee.  Thankfully she will only poop in the potty and is able to tell me in advance, but as long as she is wearing pull ups she’ll just pee in them like a diaper.  So these will come in handy!  I know she’s not even three yet, but I think we’re good to get really moving on it and with the plastic cover, I won’t be afraid of leaking all over the place.

After school Soren and Maebh opening up the presents.  Of course, they both loved the chocolate and ate them in minutes.  Well, Soren ate his immediately while Maebh took a bit longer as she had much more to open and demanded she did it all by herself.  I’ll post some videos too.  Here are a bunch of photos of the kid opening their treats and the Dropkick Murphy’s CD and Koozies.   Soren didn’t realize what the CD was and spelled out the words. I was certain he’d know with the logo, but he did say something to the effect – “Look they are playing poker too!”  I have it on video so I’ll see and post.  A signed cd from Scruffy Wallace and a set of koozies was a great gift as I get to enjoy it too 🙂  He still has no idea what to do with a koozie, as you’ll see he played with them like gloves.

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