Soren = FIVE! Family Bowling, Gambling & Cake!!

Soren turned Five years old today! Really hard to believe it .. it seems like it was just yesterday when he was delivered, though we have had truly amazingly fun five years!  After a long, long labor, out came a baby boy!  One of the happiest days of my life!

Me and Soren moments after he was born.

A small collage of photos from his past birthdays.
As we have only been in the UK for five months and do not have that many friends, plus as we don’t have our own home yet, we were not going to throw a big party with our friends. Instead, we decided that we’d do something fun as a family but it would be Soren’s choice.  In addition, as his friends are really his classmates at school, he would bring in treats to share with the class.

We asked him what he’d like to do and he chose bowling!   So after we took a trip over to Burnham Overy Staithe area, we headed over to Hunstanton to bowl.  The place was great – sooo clean and modern – they even had a bar with beer – but we passed.  They have those assistant bars which allow the kids to push down the ball down and onto the lane, but our kids thought they were so strong and did a great job carrying the heavy balls (not without a few drops).  The man put our names in the computer and assigned who wanted bumpers so they’d automatically go up and down right before the persons turn.  In hindsight, I should have taken bumpers as my balls were in the gutter a lot (except for the one strike)!
Soren thought it would be better to set up the ball, then get a running start and push it rather hard down the lane.  Here you’ll see his method in these videos.

Running up the steps to the bowling alley.
The Veenstra family’s bowling shoes.
Hunstanton Village Green and the view from the bowling alley.

The rest of the photos of us bowling speak for themselves.  It was fun, they did a great job carrying the balls – Maebh put her hat on for a while as it was TOO loud for her ears.  I made a mistake, Soren didn’t beat me, I beat him by FOUR points.  Pathetic – 38 year old vs. a 5 year old – in hindsight, I should have taken bumpers as my balls were in the gutter a lot!  Plus, my giant thumb couldn’t fit in the lightest balls so I broke a nail and hurt it each time.
Lane 8

After we left bowling, we stopped at a local Charity Shop {which proceeds children with neuroblastoma} – picked up some fun, yet noisy toys, which I might regret later.  Then went across to the local Arcade to play  but it was more of an adult-focused gambling hall, which he LOVED!    I gave Soren a handful of 2P coins and he and I went off playing Roulette, Horse Racing and other money eating games.  When he gets older, I see trips to Vegas and Foxwoods in my old age! 🙂

So, after we spent all our money, [1 pound worth of 2 pence coins & a few pounds for rides], we left the gambling hall, I mean, arcade, Maebh immediately turned to Nils and said, “DRINKIE IN THE PUB NOW!”.  Hilarious!  Earlier we talked that we’d possibly stop over at the White Horse Pub in Brancaster for some fries and a beer, but as the grocery stores close at 4 pm on Sunday, we thought it would be best to skip the pub and head to get Soren’s cake.

We finished up the day celebrating at home.  He had his favorite meal, salmon, present, and got all sugared up on cake & ice cream.  We almost forgot to give him his present, and then it dawned on us that he didn’t even ask for any gifts!!  When he opened his one gift, Maebh said, “where is my present?”  lol – It was an awesome day for all.

All sugared up on cake and ice cream.  Played with charity shop toy finds!

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