Soren = FIVE!!

Soren is FIVE

Height: 3’7″ tall (1.103 metres)
Weight: 43 pounds (3 Stone, 1lbs or )
Grade in School: Half way through Reception Year
Learning: Starting to learn to read independently aloud and simple maths.  About Austrialia
Talents: Loves art & drawing – currently in Art Club after school each week
What he likes to watch on tv:  Dr. Ranj, Andy the Park Keeper, Nina and the Nueurons, Kung Fu Panda, Octanauts, Jamie’s 15 minute meals and Come Dine With Me.
Famous people: Jamie Oliver & Lionel Messi and Feyernood and the Dutch team
Color:  Orange – as he says it makes him on the Dutch team
Food: Salmon, Oysters, tangerines (without seeds), sausages, along with goldfish and oreo cookies
Sports: Likes to play football and excited to start Rugby in the fall.  Enjoys indoor playspaces and can’t wait to learn to swim.
Outdoors:  likes to play at the beach – looking forward to crabbing when the weather improves
Helping: Enjoys helping with the grocery shopping and preparing dinner.

Here is a collection a photo from each birthday!

Going home from the hospital = Tiny little baby in his Maxi Cosi
Birthday One = Sick little boy in Marblehead, MA
Birthday Two = Costruction Party (faux hawk days) in Winthrop, MA
Birthday Three = Astronaut Party in Beverly, MA
Birthday Four = Horse Party at Mall Tots in Danvers, MA
Birthday Five = Family bowling & indoor play at Stompers in North Norfolk, UK

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