Presents from Christopher & Ella in Boston

My friend, Elizabeth and her children, Christopher and Ella created some drawings for both Soren & Maebh.  In addition, she sent us a HUGE box of goldfish, two huge boxes of orea cookies and loads of fun, new crafty supplies for the kids.  We’ll be working on some pictures for Ella & Christopher to send their way.  The kids would love to be “pen pals”.  Perhaps a skype session could be fun too!

Soren and Maebh were so excited to open their “parcel” from Boston and were thrilled with the contents.  So much so that the past two hours have been spent snacking on goldfish, playing with their new playdoh set and having a great morning in while Nils worked.  Oh and together the four of us finished one sleeve of cookies.  (Dangerous to have NINE more sleeves of these laying around – temping to eat more!)

Here are a bunch of photos from today – and you’ll see how much fun they had.


Maebh saying the inside is for both of us, not just you Soren.
Soren explaining that it the logo of the Postman – you see it on his truck!
Maebh and Soren excited to open the “parcel”.
Wow, heavy boxes of Oreo cookies.
Ooohhh goodies.
Checking out the drawings from Christopher. 
Looking at the family photo.
Race cars for Soren.
Maebh loves her drawings from Ella.
A map from Christopher.
Maebh loves horses

Holiday Christmas card.
Me eat these now, Mama?

Look at Minnie Mouse Mama.
Princess stickers.

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