Sneeuwpop, Writing & Indoor Blow-Up Bowling

Today we had yet another snow day and needed things to keep us busy.   The school was open, it was actually one of the only schools open in North Norfolk.  Admittedly, I played a LOT on The creative, totally addicting site which I love so much, even more so than Facebook and my blog.  I pinned lots of fun, outdoor things for SPRING & SUMMER, along with some yummy recipes to try and fun crafts to make with the kids and nice home decor.

Not too much tv was watched and the kids, as usual, spent a lot of time playing imaginary games.  Upstairs in my room, Soren was taking photos of the icicles hanging from the window.  Pretended there were hippos behind the closet, monkeys in Maebh’s room and something else which at the time was pretty funny – I’ll have to think about it and get back here.

After naps, we talked about going outside with our magnifine glasses and do some exploring.  But by the time we actually got outside, it was starting to get dark, so we didn’t venture beyond the yard.  While the days are getting longer, by 4 pm it’s dark! We did have some fun making a sneeuwpop – he was more of a triangle blob, but it was cute.  It was the kids first time – they can only get better.   Next trip to the market, we’re getting balloons and food coloring and will have tons of fun with those items.

Earlier in the day, I brought out the one and only dry erase pen we have left (had 3 of them and they are now missing), so they took turns practicing their writing.  I got a bit on videovideo 2 and video 3 posted it to my YouTube account.  It is amazing how quickly Soren is learning to write, spell and read and how Maebh listens and takes it all in.  When she writes the M, she often says “Maisy, Mountain, Mountain”. That is the Red, Write, Etc way of learning letters – completely different then back home in Boston.
Perhaps she’ll be writing her name by Nursery like Soren.

Earlier in December, I posted about how I took a chance at a Tombola at a charity shop in North Walsham and won a blow up bowling ball set, which I of course, regifted to Soren at Christmas from Santa.  We took that bad boy out today and the kids had a lot of fun  Though the ball was so light, it took Soren about 10 tries to knock the pins down.


We, of course, drank warme chocolaade melk met slagroom after coming inside, but that was just like the other 5 times.  The kids got some canned whipped cream squirted in their mouths, then drank slightly warmed milk via straws and ate the cream with spoons.  Lots of fun and laughs.

It’s time to make dinner and start the bedtime routine yet again.  I promised 4 books tonight so I’m sure it will be Zog, Peppa Pig, Rumble In The Jungle and the Berenstein Bears.

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