Another Couple Snow Days

On Thursday, the entire North Norfolk area continued to be unusually cold and frozen, and the back roads in our area continued to be crap and a huge sheet of ice.  Soren stayed home once again and we thought we’d keep him home on Friday, as the region was expecting to get an additional 5cm of snow.  Turned out his school reluctantly decided to close due to upcoming snow.  We saw no point in driving 30 minutes each way in treacherous roads, risking a car accident.  Plus, we’d be uncertain about how we’ll get him later in the day if we were stuck, as we live nowhere near the school.  Plus, we thought we’d do what the local schools were doing and staying closed.  Aistely Primary, Langham, and Fakenham all remained closed today so did we.   We ran out to the grocery store, stocked up on some food as we’re going to be stuck at home for the weekend.

After some morning play, we took the kids out for a little walk.  In the sunshine, it was really nice.  We played in the yard a bit, headed over to the “green triangle” and up Heath Lane to Gunthorpe Hall gates and then back.   Maebh, like she always does, starts off strong and then requests to be picked up.   We sooo wished we picked up that sled(ge) at the Mountain Wearhouse when we picked up his snow boots.

Here are a bunch of photos – yes, they all tend to the look the same.  Our kids playing in the snow, Maebh begging to be carried, they continue to taste the snow, walk slowly and crack every frozen patch of ice.


Look, it’s snowing!
And she tastes the snow.


Playing in the snow in the “Green Triangle”
And a little dump on her head.
And more…
And she found it so funny, she fell back laughing.
To only get more snow sprinkled on her face.
I.n the middle of the road asking to be picked up.
Crushing puddles of ice.
Smashing ice


A view from an almost 5 year old.


And he breaks up and gets a huge, thick chunk.


Asking if we can keep going the other direction.
Neat fence.  If you remember, I took a photo of in September.




Maebh kicked snow on Soren and thought it was sooo funny!
Mum, don’t tell Maebh where I am.  See if she can find me.
(Ah okay, but you are not hiding so well.  We’ll pretend we don’t see you either.)


Look it’s snowing.


Right before he…


suddenly for some reason, smashed a bunch of snow in his face.


and again…


He found this so funny.


Can you do windshield wipes on my face like this, swish, swish, swish?





Garden Gnome.


View of the house from under a tree.

The next few shots are Maebh trying to get up on the slippery ice patch.  It was too funny and she laughed the entire time and really struggled.







Nest under a neat tree in the backyard.





Gate of Gunthorpe Hall
Then we’d follow our outdoor play session with some yummy hot cocoa and whipped cream.






Today we discovered several animal prints in the yard.  We did some research online to determine what they were, and we think they are hare prints, but are not 100% sure.  If you have any idea, please let us know.






We think this is some sort of bird.



These seem a little different.  Two in the front but the small one is close by so what could it be?



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