Bridle Path Walk – North Norfolk

As T & J were both away in Amsterdam, we decided we’d just take it easy and have a nice, lazy Sunday in the house.  I was hoping to bake chocolate chip cookies with the kids, but we didn’t have any brown sugar so that was off for a later date.

It was mid-January and we had wonderful, dry weather and a full sunny sky, so we thought we should take advantage of the mild weather (4 degrees – lol) and go for a little walk up the bridle path.   We knew Maebh couldn’t go too far like Soren, so we thought we’d do a little loop – out of the driveway to the left, up the hill, across the field and back down.   A snowstorm at the start of the week was in the forecast too.

As always, it takes the kids forever to do this walk.  Their little legs are slow but they stop to take a look at everything and it starts the minute we open the front door.  The stones, the birds, the signs, the horseshoe prints in the mud, the puddles with frozen sheets of ice on them are always fun to crack and then the muddy puddles are the BEST!

Ready to go and after Soren lit up Maebh’s face with Pake’s new torch, we were ready.


Soren starting to dilly dally with the bordering rocks.
Finally, heading up for the walk.
Off we go.
Yep, and the ice puddles begins.
Soren’s turn to break ice.
And fun in the puddles together.
Well done Soren – starting to read the signs.
Pointing at each letter and sounding it out.
We just missed the horse.


Fun with puddles and sticks.
More stick fun.
Keep walking Maebh, you can do it.
A horse race to the trees.
Acting silly and asking to be picked up.


Neat tree on our walk
Such an interesting tree.  I often take photos of it.
Trying to pick up ice with a stick.
More clues… and this time he decides to test if his snow boots are water proof.
Yep, I think they are waterproof.




We met up with a neighbor on the walk down and chatted about local things to do and see.  I always love to hear from others about where they like to visit including walks, pubs, and local attractions.

A stop in the yard to take photos of the house and wildlife.  We saw birds, traces of a deceased bird, a ladybug, and the resident birds, Zoe and Ruppie (short for Rupert).  The sheep, however, are now gone.  Perhaps that big truck outside last week was there to take them off to the butcher.

The resident white doves.
Sadly, the remains of one of the resident white doves.


Waiting by the fence while we chat up the neighbors.
Handsome boy.
The back side of the house House.















On the other side of the bridge.
Who is that trip trapping over my bridge!?
Ladybird on January 14?


Compost being put away.
Farmer Nils (yeah right!)
Where not to go when you are hungry.
Mole hills.
Poking at the mole hills

And finally, when we got inside, we made warme chocolade melk met slagroom.  It was not the finest as we used Nestle Quik and expired spray cream, but it tasted fine so we gave it a go.  It was delicious and most importantly the kids loved it! 🙂
















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