Thankfully it was not raining today, after Nils worked all morning we headed up to the Argos in Cromer for our Freeview box.  Here in the UK you need a TV license to watch TV – yes, I know crazy.. but you can buy a device which gives you free access to the few TV but you still need a TV license.  It costs £145 for color and only £49 for black and white.  The money mainly goes to fund the BBC per this Wiki information. (Umm – Who has black and white TV??!!)  Ummm yeah, don’t think so…   So after giving her our home address, which for some reason was not coming up as registered, I gave her the cottage address we first rented.  That worked!!

After much back and forth with the maybe 19 year old clueless girl and the 65 year old cashier, who didn’t want to sell me the item as I didn’t bring in my confirmation number printed out.  She thought I was trying to steal a reservation of someone else reservation and PAY for it, despite knowing my reservation number. Really, what an idiot!   I just want to return tomorrow with my slip to show the lady I was not being shady. This store is exactly what the old JC Penny catalog store would be in this day and age – you look up in their giant catalog or online, place your order online or bring a little sheet of paper to the cashier, she charges you and then your item is pulled from their shelves in the back, down a conveyor belt and you are given it by another person – simple.  No expertise given.  Nils was perturbed by them, I knew what I was in for by going here.. cheap Freeview box and NOTHING else.  Finally we got our goods and left!  

As we were in the Cromer area, we thought we’d drive by a house that is for rent. It is a rather large house and looks good from in and out, but I think it might almost be too much house and a little too far removed from what I want.  You are about 1 mile from the town of Cromer, so you can’t walk to much apart from the beach!! (That is a good thing) The photos show it is great inside.  Something about the house makes me feel like it’s haunted.. it was built in 1885!!

Home from outside.
Nice galley kitchen.
Enough storage.
Front room with loads of light.
Large bath – kids would play chess or hopscotch on that floor!
A place for all Nils’ books!
Huge backyard.

Then to Overstrand to a local playground right above the beach for a bit before heading home.  Overstrand is a really nice, but quite coastal village, situated on a cliff-top overlooking sandy beaches.  It was nicknamed “the village of millionaires” due to so many rich and famous building homes there.  This town is a great place to view an amazing sunrise – probably much like those we saw when living in Winthrop, MA and where my parents still reside.

An October sunrise in Overstrand.

We had high hopes of walking the beach towards Cromer Pier, but Mother Natures had other plans, as MAJOR fog rolled in.   There are a couple shops, a village pub, The White Horse Inn (yes that is a VERY common name of pubs around) We will definitely try The White Horse for some chips and beers/squash when we are in the area in the winter and for lunch in the good weather (providing there are wasp catchers).  I love that it, like so many other pubs in the area, offer a beer garden with a kids play space!!  Let the kids play while the parents relax and drink a few beers in the sunshine.

The White Horse Inn Overstrand


Outside seating – Dogs and Kids Welcome!
I can envision both kids loving this place.
A pub with a great kids play area – a HUGE plus with us parents!

It is also home to a Cliff-Top Cafe, which was closed and busy preparing for the busy season and will open Easter!  The review of the Cliff-Top was very poor but I might try a tea there.  It has been awarded 6th place in The Times ’30 Best Places for Tea’ list.  Plus it boasts a Senior Citizen lunch special and dogs are welcome so you can imagine it already.

Cliff-Top Cafe

I also met a nice mum there with her son.  After talking for about 30 minutes, I suggested I give her my number and email address and if she’d like to hang out and get the kids together/.  I hope I didn’t appear to desperate but she was really nice and the kids played so well together.  We’ll see if she calls.

Here are some photos of my beautiful cuties enjoying themselves at the playground.

Huh, I can’t hear you, Rara (Soren)
Hello, Hello – Is there an emergency.?
You want me to yell like this?
Maebh, this is Fireman Soren, Call in the fire brigade there is an emergency!  Do you copy?  Roger?
Look I’m riding Klagen!
Yes mum, I just climbed up the side after giving you a heart attack that I was going to fall backwards.
Tick Tac Toe – Soren’s new favorite game.  Getting better at blocking vs. just trying to win.
Maebhy girl..
Uh, I don’t think it’s safe.  Don’t worry mum, I’m Spiderman.
And up he goes… That is far enough.
No chance am I stopping – right to the top!
Um, do you need help getting down.. careful – I’m fine mum!
My gorgeous boy telling me about Rubber and Glue.
And one last big smile in closing


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