Oasis @ Hunstanton

Today we wanted to take the kids some place to let them run off some energy and have fun. The weather was iffy, so after some thoughts, we headed back to the Oasis @ Hunstanton, the Victorian Seaside area which I like.  It’s about 40 minutes by car but it’s a great indoor play space.  In addition, they have an Eco-Ice Skating rink (outdoors) and a large indoor swimming pool with a slide – but we have yet to use either of those two features yet.  Admission is only 2 pounds for the kids during the few weeks of Christmas break – normally about 5 each.  We visited this place with Jorinde, Reolof and Justus recently too.  I just realized I don’t think I created a blog posting for that yet – and if I did, well it’s just duplication then.  Here are photos  from that trip – Jorinde, feel free to stake all that you like of your family.

Maebh and her cousin, Justus

There were a few pain in the ass kids there today with zero parental supervision.  Let’s just say that one of them could be part of a certainly family back in Boston which we no longer associate with – I’ll leave it as that.  After yelling at her, she left Maebh alone and didn’t bother her any more.

The weather slowly started to improve and there was sun!  Due to the way the sun sets into the water in “The Wash”, the area is known for amazing sunsets.  As we were there, we thought we’d stay for the next half hour and I could take some photos.  I did a few photos of the kids, but there were suddenly a lot of clouds and Nils didn’t feel well, so we headed home.

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