New Year’s Day: Weybourne Beach, Cromer Museum & Fireworks

Today was cold day but sunny, so we took advantage of the “nice weather” and thought we’d head up to a beach before heading to see the fireworks at 5:00 pm.  Family from the Netherlands were still here on vacation, so they headed up to Wells-Next-The-Sea to visit the beach and see the huts.  (They had not yet been to that beach!)  Unfortunately, they never made it to the huts as there was such a long queue to get to the car park.  I think the nice weather coupled with so many having the day off taking advantage of it and headed out to the beach too with the same thought in mind.  Instead they headed up to Blakeney for a short walk (due to the cold wind) and then over to Dun Cow for a drink. It’s one of our favorite pubs in the area.

As we have been to Wells-Next-The-Sea so many times (though it’s one of our favorites and love to return soon), we really wanted to be in Cromer around 3:00 pm, so we thought we’d stay more local and see what the beach at Weybourne is like. The actual village of Weybourne is one of Nils’ favorites and is three miles west of Sheringham, my favorite. It is quite small with less then 600 and consists largely of retirees and delightful old brick and flint cottages.

It was pretty, but unique and interesting at the same time.  The beach itself is very expansive and you can see for a long distance both ways.  When you look left, you see Salthouse and when you look right you see Sheringham. It is not for swimming as it shelves deeply and is great for sea fishing, dog walking, peace and quiet.  Oh and great for coastal walks as it’s part of the National Trust Walking Path the Pedder Path.  The beach was not sandy at all, rather full of pebbles. Not fossil like rocks you find up at East Runton, but more like the rocks from Salthouse, which tend to be browns and whites and quiet smooth.  The other unique part of this beach is the high cliffs which if you follow the path you end up in Sheringham.

The cliffs are quite high and dangerous, so with young kids you really have to be careful.  I know a few who would definitively be in trouble!! 🙂  A few steps to the left, you can find yourself with a broken leg or even a broken necks.  Two dogs had to be rescued from cliffs in Trimmingham on Christmas Day.  The owners had the dogs off lead and when they were chatting the dogs were playing and feel over.  Thankfully they only landed on a ledge vs. all the way down.  They are also warning walkers to not walk within 15 feet of the edge as a precaution.

All in all the trip to the beach was nice and well worth it, but Maebh was in rare from.  She normally is cheerful and smiles for my camera, playing games with Soren, but today she was off. Crabby and demanding.  It is evident with the photo the beauty of the beach as well as Maebh’s crabbiness.

Resident fishing boat on the beach.
The start of the cliff.
Here you can see the height of the cliff.
Another cliff image, and a tiny Nils with the kids can be seen at 1 O’clock.
Tiny bodies on the left side, are Nils, Maebh and Soren.
You can actually walk down this wedge (if very careful).
Wybourne Windmill


Soren pretending he is a windmill like the one in the background.


View to the left – see the beach shelf


Plane flow over head.
Second plane flew overhead.
They decided to get very close to each other… soon they were flying side by side with
only a little space between.  Hopefully they are professionals… as it would be very dangerous!!


Bunker left over from the War.
Here is the start of Crabby Maebh.
Soren waiting for Maebh and trying to get her in the mood.
Soren on the cliff (not really there was tons of grass behind him)


Here you can see her crying about wanting to be picked up.
Family flying a kite.


Crabby girl.


No, no, no
Told her to smile and I’d give her a drink in the car.  This was the best I got!
Playing with the waves.


Rocky beach.


At least one kid was in great spirits.

Then as we are in the market for a rental house in the North Norfolk area closer to Soren’s school, we briefly drove by some homes in Sheringham, Beeston Regis and one in West Runton.  A quick stop at the beach, I took these photos.  The potential house, would have this beach only 50 yards away.

West Runton Beach – left toward Beeston Regis/Sheringham
West Runton Beach – right towards East Runton and Cromer.

New Years Day, the Cromer Museum was offering FREE admission as part of the New Year’s Day Fireworks in Cromer.  As we were up there and had a couple hours to kill before the fireworks and the entire town was packed, we took advantage of this offer and headed in.    It was really a nice opportunity and glad we did it. We can go back in and take more time, letting Maebh and Soren try on the old clothing, etc.  Oh and they have an amazing gift shop full of fun stuff.

Outside the museum.


Victorian Fisherma’s cottage – a bit scary life-like wax man.

Unlike the large-style museums and historical places in London or even Norwich, this one is rather small.  It was broken up into sections.   You were given an audio guide where you plugged in numbers of the exhibits and you were talked through it.  Soren loved this part and kept asking for more.

  1. A cosy (aka so tiny, Nils could barely fit) Victorian fisherman’s cottage, so you can image what life was like in Cromer at the end of the 19th century.
  2. Old Cromer Gallery – huge archive of historic photographs and illustrations of the town.  This exhibit was quite busy and so we didn’t in to view it.
  3. Geology Gallery (mine & Soren’s favorite) – where you can view an amazing collection of fossils found in Norfolk.  Including the West Runton Elephant, which is Britain’s oldest & most complete elephant fossil and some of its actual bones.  There is even a cast of the skull of a Mosasaur – a huge marine reptile common off the North Norfolk coast over 80 MILLION years ago!!A new link for the West Ruton Elephant can be found here.
Soren playing with the exhibit of an Archaeologist brushing off items buried in the sand to reveal the fossil.


Listening to the audio device talk about the great fossil find of the West Runton Elephant in 1990.


Coloring a rainbow bison.
Maebh and Nils didn’t have a favorite part as Maebh fell asleep almost immediately in her stroller as expected and Nils had to push her around outside in the cold with a painful knee.
As the entire town was inundated with about 8,000 people to view the fireworks showing at the Cromer Pier, all restaurants and pubs near the Cromer Pier were completely full.  The line for the TAKEAWAY fish & chips shop was 200 people long… insanity   I knew of one that we drive by often called the White Horse Pub and it’s just a little up the road towards the car park and library.  Thankfully we were able to find some seats and a small table.  Maebh was sleeping and nearly through the entire visit if it were not for some kids at  a nearby table woke her up.   We had a couple beers and played a few of their games.  Soren and Nils first did some Squiggly Dominos and then we took turn quizzing each other from Trivia Pursuit cards.  Soren was too funny – each time we told the answer he repeated it.  Finally he asked if he could read a question and it went like this (first picture fingers sideways and moving up and down while he says.. “which dinosaur was really large and fierce? Then before we could finish, he says, the T-Rex!”.  Knowing he really can’t read all the words – though he is getting better.  He is all about dinosaurs and today we took out three books on them so he can “learn the science behind their lives”.  So inquisitive and smart and impresses me daily!


Like a little adult here.  He is getting so big and smart so quickly!
Sleepyhead was woken up!
And a small bag of crisps to keep her okay.  Kitchen was closed and the lines to eat anywhere were out the door.
The next 1/2 hour was down hill.  I wanted to take photos of the fireworks… shooting at night is so hard, plus I was without a tripod, etc, but Maebh screamed and cried “too loud, too scary, I want Papa, too dirty, yuck – yucky, etc. etc”  I didn’t get a single photo.
Here are some published in the local paper.
photo from our local paper – I didn’t take a single one!
Again, not my photo, but a really nice one!


As the crowds were heading back to their cars to head home, we quickly popped into the Cromer Kebab Shop for a quick bite to eat… it was okay, nothing to write home about.. : (Pun intended!)
I think this might be the shop which was closed down and fined a lot of money for uncleanliness.  I will ask Nils to tell me it is not so!

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