Mrs. Claus at Holt Hall


Holt Hall, a local Victorian Mansion, normally closed to the public, hosted an Open day featuring Mrs. Claus. The 83 acres of woodland, gardens, and lakes are open to the public to come and enjoy a short walk followed by a drink and cake in The Stables Café which was moved inside the dining room.  The property was stunning and would be a great place for a family photoshoot in the Spring/Summer when the flowers are in bloom.  Plus it is home to a huge Volkswagen Camper Festival in the Summer, called Dubs at the Hall which you know 100% I’ll be all over!! The fire was lit and Mrs Claus (Santa’s wife) mixed Christmas in her mixing bowl and told a tale of the day when she and Santa lost the most important ingredient – the spirit if Christmas!  Followed by decoration making in the library. This was done with a little help from the Christmas Fairy.


Soren was eager to enjoy the story and be involved so he took a seat right up front on the mat.  As usual, Maebh was not interested in being front and center with Mrs. Claus nor the Christmas Fairy, so she stayed back in the dining area while Beppe and gradually peeked around the corner to view the session.

After the story, he made a bird craft with glitter and glue, followed by some conversation and photos with Mrs. Claus and a Christmas Cracker with the Christmas Fairy.

After we took a little stroll around and I did a tiny mini session with Soren and Maebh on the steps as it had great light, but more sessions will surely follow. (photos on the next blog post).

It was a really nice time for the kids!


Doing a jig at the end!
Crafty Times!
Showing off his bird ornament with approval from Mrs. Claus!
Mrs. Claus put her hat on his head!
Discussing it with Mrs. Claus.
And a photo with the hat and Mrs. Claus!
Taking a Christmas Cracker from the Christmas Fairy
Pulling the Christmas Cracker from the Christmas Fairy
And Maebh pulling her Christmas Cracker on Beppe’s lap.  Out came the fun mustache!



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