Angel in the Nativity Play

Every Monday, Maebh and I try to attend the weekly Mum & Tot playgroup at the Salvation Army in Sheringham. This holiday season, they asked if anyone was interested in being in the play on Sunday, Dec 9th, to please join.  So we thought, while not religious ourselves, why not, it would be fun and it would give Maebh and I something to do with some of our new friends.

They had spots for each of the kids – Florence was a Lamb, while her dad was a Shepherd.  Emma was Mary and her twin brother, Harry was Joseph (though they refused to wear their costumes).  Maebh was an Angel and a mighty good one :), James was the Inn Keeper, Baby Ida was baby Jesus, Hector was the Donkey and Imogen was the Star.

During the few rehearsals, each child was given the microphone to give a statement and Maebh shied away from it completely.  Until the last rehearsal when we arrived up on stage, Maebh started to sing Twinkle Twinkle Little Star from start to finish.  It was really cute!  But naturally, as she was an Angel and the Star was to follow her I thought she should probably sing a different song as she’d be taking away from the Star.  So we talked about loads of different songs she could sing.  The woman to runs the group and narrated our portion of the event, asked if we would be interested in having the girls, Maebh the Angel, and Imogen the Star sing together.  Of course, we thought it would be great and it was.

Here is a video of them singing.

After this performance, I think she’s a natural star and will be in many more plays in her future.  I look forward to the day when she is on stage in dance recitals.


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