GVS Holiday Fayre

So as planned, we headed up to pick Soren up at school and attend the Christmas Fayre. As expected, it was a lot of games, Tombola tables with tons of donated junk, a raffle and Father Christmas.

We paid £1 to enter and were given a coupon for a free drink or minced pie.  The kids enjoyed a cup of Squash in the Christmas “cafe”. We spent about a total of £20  but as it benefited his school, I didn’t mind.

Soren had fun trying his luck at the Tombola tables – which we won a beautiful set of salt and pepper shakers (we’ll probably donate them back next year – lol), along with a large bottled of Morrison’s lemonade.  We also paid £2  towards the raffle and gave our tickets to Billy in case we won.

**** UPDATED:  We WON!  A giant OLIVIA pig.  LOL!! And a photo of our family made it into the school’s blog.

The start of the games.  Flick the blocks up to land on the numbers.  
Ended with a score of 10.

The chocolate house, which was made by his class and Bailey’s mum.
Getting a present from Father Christmas.
Telling him he’d like a Fire Truck with a Ladder on top which moves up and down.
50 pence for a reach in the mystery box.
… and out came a pencil and small package of candy. 
Picking numbers from the Tombola Crapola Table  
Note the crap on the table!!
He WON!  Number 500!  We were told it was “FRAGILE”
Yep, he won a beautiful set of salt and pepper shakers.
Beautiful set of shakers (ah hum our donation back next year) 🙂 
Entry to guess the weight of the cake.
Soren taking a cable at the Tombola Bottles.  Yep, he won again.
This time a lovely bottle of LEMONADE! 
This came in handy when I had to rinse off the dirties on my windshield after running out of fluid!
Guess how many gumballs are in the jar.  
Maebh playing with the decorations. 
Taking a gamble on the Chocolate Tombola table.  NOTHING won here! 
Having a lot of fun while opening his numbers.
At drop off today, we learned we WON!  This giant Olivia Pig!! LOL

We left the school around 4:30 pm with the idea to head over to Cromer to watch the lights turn on and enjoy their holiday festivities, but the minute we get in the car park in Cromer, the sky opens and it pours.  So we immediately thought, we are not going to walk around in the pouring rain, freezing for that – we’ll head to The Pigs for some dinner.  It was really fun.

We arrived at The Pigs at 5 pm and was told they didn’t start serving dinner until 6 pm.  So we got a pint, a glass of wine and some broad beans to snack on, while the kids played in the indoor section. The amazing outdoor section was closed as it was pouring, freezing cold and dark. The beans were good but odd tasting after a while – hard to explain but the kids were fans. We didn’t sit in the family section, rather up right outside the kids area so we could hear the kids, but still enjoy a more adult-like atmosphere.  Soren and Maebh were having a great time with the train table, kitchen, legos, and all the extra stuff.  When we were not looking, suddenly the appear from down the few steps with an Ikea high chair for Maebh.  Soren had the front and Maebh had the back.  I was cracking up.  Then another family came with a small boy and sat down the back section in the “Family Room”.  Suddenly we hear, “oh thank you.  You are a really helpful boy. What is your name? Oh “Sarin” that is lovely name (completely misprouncing it), how old are you?  You are so helpful at only 4 and caring”  Turns out Soren took it upon himself to get the family a chair for Alfie their son.

Monday through Friday kids eat free with a paying adult meal. As we didn’t want to eat any of their main courses, or their 3-2-1 option we opted to do Tapas so we both selected 4 each along with sausages for Maebh and Fish fingers for Soren.  The food and drink were great!  We got these eight.

Coarse pork farmhouse terrine, pub apple and plum chutney, toast
Devilled whitebait, gentleman?s relish
Sweet-cured herring fillets
Honey, Colman’s mustard and marmalade glazed pork ribs
Lemon, thyme and garlic chicken wings, roasted garlic dip
Smoked sprats, horseradish cream
Cley smoked prawns, rock salt, lemon
 Pigs’ treacle cured salmon, capers, beetroot relish

When the kids finished eating, they went back down to play while we stayed back and talked.  First meal somewhat alone since we have been in UK.

Before all the toys came out.
Train table fun. 
Our Tapas has arrived. 

Nils and I were looked at from an older man and woman from a table across from us.  The man goes up to the bar to order and comes back and asks me where I’m from.  I explained Boston and he said he loves Americans and that they had been to NYC a couple years ago and had a great time and experiences.

They continue to explain they had two daughters and three grand children and that they were here for the night to celebrate their 36th wedding anniversary.   They told me they lived up in Sheringham (my favorite town in the area) for 30 years, etc, etc.  then I put two and two together and said – Can I ask you a crazy question – is your daughter xyz? Yes!! They were in shock.  How could this American be in rural North Norfolk and happen to know their daughter!! They almost fell over – lol  It was the grandparents of a boy in Soren’s class.  He really resembled her and she’s lovely. Small world!!

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