Christmas Holiday Fun at Soren’s school

Every fortnight, the school offers an open coffee session with the headmaster and then we’re invited back to the kids’ classrooms to watch them learn and/or participate in a craft.  This week was Ginger Bread men cookies with Baily’s Mum, a large chocolate house and then we all did hand print Christmas wreaths.  It was so fun and Soren always loves having me there to do things with him.  Some other kids’ parents never come as they are working or some other reason, but when I can go, I do.

Today Maebh came along and had a nice time.  September she’ll be attending so why not get her used to the other kids and class room/teachers. We traced both their hands on green paper, and glued them along a white circle forming a wreath.  Added some glue, glitter and a bow and voila, we were done!

Later in the day, the school will be hosting their annual Christmas Fayer from 3-5.  There you can buy cakes from the cake stall and see what other neat things they are doing.  The children will be on North Norfolk Radio from December 13th singing “5 Gold Rings”.  And of course, we are going to take a gamble with the tombola raffle to win prizes from the chocolate table

You are probably thinking – What the heck is a TOMBOLA. I did too when I first played the game.  I found this simple explanation on the web. Each participant buy raffle tickets, each of which has a number. The prizes are on display on the stall, each with a raffle ticket attached to it. The tickets on the prizes each end in a 0 or a 5. Each number is only used for one prize. When a participant purchases a ticket, he/she looks to see whether or not the number on that ticket ends with a 0 or a 5. If it does then he/she has won a prize, at this point they would give their ticket to the person working the tombola, who would then find the prize with the matching ticket, and hand it over to the participant. 

Afterwards, we’re going to bundle up the kids and head on over to the seaside town of Cromer, as they are going to be doing their holiday festivities with Father Christmas, tree lighting event, Christmas Market and more.  I’m sure we’ll spend some time in the local amusement halls with the kids running from machine to machine while the lights wiz and whirl around us.  Cromer is famous for their pier and they have a unique tree this year.  It’s an actual tree made out of Crab Pots. Makes me can’t wait for the Cromer & Sheringham Crab & Lobster Festival May 17-19, 2013. In fact, I might volunteer to work it.

I’d like to try the newly opened Bella Vista Italian restaurant before walking around the town.  I’ve been craving real brick oven pizza – hope we can go.

Cromer’s somewhat controversial Crab Pot tree!
Ms. Samuels helping Soren with his Advent number 15.
So proud of his Advent number – number 15″
And a surprise inside – “Soren in prison” 🙂
Hanging up his Advent ball on the tree.
Maebh using a bit of glitter on the wreath
Soren’s turn with the silver glitter.
And some green!
Maebh’s turn with the green.
And some more Green.
Beautiful end result, a glittery hand print wreath (both kids)
Decorated Ginger Bread Man – (Maebh was terribly jealous)
And the Eco Club’s End Results.  Challenge:  Create something using paper towel rolls.  Soren did the colorful train.

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