Pre-Turkey Dinner Walk along the Bridle Pathway

As we’re going to be eating our Thanksgiving Day Dinner feast later today at the Wilson’s house, we thought it would be perfect to take a walk with the kids.  Plus, it was not raining, plus it was a way to tire out the kids (especially Maebh) to ensure a nap prior to the party at 4 pm.

When we got home, I whipped up some delicious stuffing using a combination of onion, celery, sausage with some home made toast bread cubes and two packages of Jamie Oliver’s Stuffing Mix.  Yummy!!!   Put some in the turkey and put it in the oven to roast.  Can’t wait to eat it!!

Starting off down the small road.
In front of the house sign.
Look here Soren (half turned head)
Wild hair underneath his hat.

Opening the gate – but turned out to be the end as we ended up in a cattle field and had to climb the fence.
(Thankfully no cows today!)
Pretending to mail a letter.
Here is the fence we had to climb.  (other side had three rows of barbed wire)
Look, I’m a Bald Eagle.  A British One!
Miserable towards the end.
Slightly happier here.
Sneaking up on the conservatory to see if he can surprise Beppe.
Trying to be serious.
Made you laugh!
Flowers and berries galore.

Soren and Maebh looking at the various flowers. 
These leaves were covered with frost. 
Same with the mushroom.
Neat old box with a lovely color of green/yellow. 
Interesting fence.
The backyard pond with the Dove nest in the tree.
No walk is complete without some puddle fun.
The Eagle has landed in the puddle.
Maebh considering going in the puddle.
Next to our house is a field of sheep.
The path.
Interesting leaves and one big one which really stood out.
Castle (St. Andrew’s Church and the old school house, now a holiday cottage).
Interesting rock (a bit like an old fossil).

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