Friendsgiving Day Dinner

In honor of Thanksgiving Day, Soren, Maebh and me made a traditional pumpkin pie to share with the classroom.  We looked all around for the ingredients, but found a can of Libby’s pumpkin pie at Bakers and Larners in Holt.

Soren’s preschool allowed myself and another American mum, in for a morning of treats and fun.  We made a Turkey craft with their hand/footprints, ate the pumpkin pie along with some popcorn made by the children yesterday.  The kids sang two songs their learned especially for today.

Oh I also made a mistake and told them there were 3 ships which sailed across, but I was wrong – that was for Columbus Day – this time was only one, The Mayflower!! Opps 🙂

Here are loads of photos of Maebh and Soren helping me make the pie.

Excited to hold the eggs.
Scraping out the Libby’s Pumpkin Pie Mix
Something was too loud for Maebh – I think the washing machine.
Adding the cinnamon
Mixing together
Adding the sugar
A big bang to ensure all is out.
Pour it in a pie crust
Almost in the oven
And the final thing out of the Aga.

Saturday night, we had an American-style Thanksgiving Dinner with two other 1/2 American families.  We were going to host it at our place, but then we realized how we didn’t have toys and things to entertain the older kids, so Billy agreed to do it at her home.  It was perfect.  We had tons of food.  We brought the turkey, there was a tofurkey for Mark and the kids stayed up until 10 pm!!  Thankfully both had 3 hour naps earlier in the day – thanks for the long walk.

Loads of food.


Yummy plate


Tofurkey for Mark.  I had to taste it and it was not bad.



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