Children In Need Day – Pudsey the Bear and Spotty Fun

Today Soren’s school raised money for the BBC charity Children in Need with the mascot Pudsey Bear.   Each child was to donate 50 pence which will be put towards the cause and they were to dress in Spot.  As not many boys own Polka Dotted clothing, many parents just put round stickers on clothes.  We didn’t have any stickers so we put duct tape on Soren’s shirt and spelled out Spotty Soren on the front.  In addition, Nursery and Reception took a walk in the woods for about 40 minutes where we took photos and explored nature.  After we came back and drank tea and cake (with raisins for spots) which the kids baked yesterday.   It was really a fun day for all and money was raised for a good cause.

Soren and Libby being the LINE LEADERS!


End of the pack


Fixing his (my gloves) clearly way too big.


Exploring the hole in the tree.  Possibly a badger??  I say bear!
Soren’s cool tower and his baked cake with spots (raisin1s)


Soren’s Spotty Soren shirt.

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