Binham Priory, North Norfolk, UK

After we had a drink and a basket of chips in the Checkers Pub, we headed over to the Binham Priory for a viewing of the ruins.  It was a beautiful sunny day, we thought we’d take advantage of the weather.

Among the most complete and impressive monastic ruins in Norfolk of a Benedictine priory with a well-documented history.  Founded in about 1091!!!  The construction of the church spanned close to 150 years.   The buildings were adapted and extended throughout the medieval period, but life at the priory changed dramatically in 1539 when it was closed by King Henry VIII at the time of the dissolution of the monasteries. The nave, with its splendid 13th century west front and great bricked-up window, is now the parish church, displaying a screen with medieval saints over painted with Protestant texts.

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