Toddler Swim at Splash

Today Maebh and I spent a couple hours at the toddler swim session at SPLASH in Sheringham.  She loved it.  Next time, I’ll be sure to have some arm floaties for her as I think she’ll enjoy it more.  I know I will as I won’t have to hold her the entire time.   The pool is great as it’s zero entry and warmer than normal. About halfway through a whistle blew and I was not sure what it was for… I assumed we had to leave the pool for the pH to be tested but it was the start of the WAVE pool.  Maebh and I were blown away with waves in hysterics laughing.  She played in the ball pits for a bit before the start of the pool session.

I took a few photos of her with my waterproof camera, but immediately the lifeguard ran over and told me there were no photos allowed to be taken in the pool area.  (oops – I understand why but nonetheless was bummed as I knew I could get some great photos of her today.)

Next time, we’re going to bring our lunch as we can eat it after the session in the solarium.

Soren is at school during the two-weekend sessions, but I would like to take him to family swim on a Sunday as I know he’d love it too.  There is a huge looping water slide too.

How old are you?  “TWO” hold up all these fingers.


Watch me slide down, Mum!


Say cheese!!

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