Bridle Path Walk – Gunthorpe

After a BIG delicious Irish Breakfast of fried egg, bacon, sausages, mushrooms, tomato, black and white Clonakillty puddings, we thought it would be nice to take a walk.  Despite it being a bit wet, we took a walk up to the Bridle path in Gunthorpe.  Not knowing how far we’d get, we kept going.  The kids really enjoyed it and so did I.  (I assume Nils did, but he did have Maebh on his shoulders for a while!)   Maebh was a bit wet, cold and miserable, but once the rain stopped, she really enjoyed herself and become cheerful. Soren was having a great time jumping in muddy puddles and following “clues” which were horse shoe prints.

There were no cows in our path but a meadow of sheep.  We didn’t see any wild animals but we did see woman on her horse and two black labs running alongside, but she turned off the path when she saw us. I assumed she saw little children and thought it would be safer to avoid going by us.  I really wanted to get a good photo of her on the horse, but with it being so wet, I left my SLR camera at home.  Sadly for me the battery ran out on our trip before we got the “family photo” we wanted to get at the end..

Along the path were some blackberries, raspberries and poison ivy.

Our conclusion, we’ll be back but we really have to get some proper rain gear being that we live in the UK, the land of the rain. 🙂

Maebh and Nils starting the trek
Soren’s ready to go.
I’m ready to go.
Soren took this photo of me in my parka! 🙂
All feet in.
Kissie, Kissie
Mummy the Yeti!
In heaven – Muddy Puddles
Cold, wet and miserable
Down the path
St. Mary’s Church, Gunthorpe.  The kids call it a “CASTLE”
A “clue” – aka Horse Shoe print in the mud
Now we’re having fun.
Entering Gunthorpe – Drive SLOOOWWWLY
A bunch of Sheep
Staring at the kids due to their baaaaaing.
The view seen by the SHEEP!
Clare Cottage – Cute little place up the street from us.

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