North Norfolk Railways “Poppy Line” Holt to Sheringham

Today we took the kids on the North Norfolk Railways “Poppy Line” from Holt to Sheringham.  You can view webcams from the location stations here.  The total cost of 21 pounds (kids under 5 are free!)

The North Norfolk Railway offers far more than a train ride, experience yesterday tomorrow with a day out travelling through some of Norfolk’s stunning coastal countryside.
The railway operates both STEAM and DIESEL trains.  We opted to take the Steam as Nils said the diesel was like taking the commuter rail from Beverly to North Station! LOL  Not true, but I went along with it!!
Soren and Maebh liked the car with the tables – both were thinking they were on a “restaurant train”.  We told them this time food was not coming and that it was on longer train rides.   Sure enough, on the way home, Soren stated he couldn’t wait to try and ride on a longer train journey.  When prompted it was because he wanted a meal onboard! 🙂

It was a lot of fun and we look forward to exploring the trains in the area more. When my parents visit (as they ARE GOING TO!!!), I’m sure they’d love it too.  You can be a driver for the day, nearly all the workers are volunteers, etc.  Right up their alley!

There is a special Santa train around Christmas, which would be fun to do with the entire family.

Here are loads of photos from today.
Two adult, rover tickets!
About to depart Sheringham for our journey back.
Putting the light on the front. (safety precaution?)
Taking in the scenery.
All Aboard!!
Kelling Heath – Horse trails.
Me – not that I want to be in these photos – but I do want some proof I was there 🙂
Old train – thought my mom & dad would like this one?
Sheringham Golf Club – Members only but come on, no carts!  Pfff… this is a LONG walk!!
Outside looking in.
My two  cuties!
Soren and Sir Topham Hat!
Model Train Exhibit (Holt)
Model Train Exhibit (Holt)
Model Train Exhibit (Holt)


Model Train Exhibit (Holt)



Too loud, but fun to watch!  Ma play that number! 🙂
Very excited to be going on the train today!
Waiting for the train to change tracks. Only now do I see how I was holding Soren’s arm like he was going to fall in!
Patiently waiting.
Yeah, restaurant train!
Enjoying a “Biscuit” – aka “Cookie”


Maebh and Papa waiting for the train to depart.
Here is my ticket!!
Ticket collector.  Love this photo!!
Counting horses and windmills in the distance.
Papa taking in the beautiful scenery and (acting like a model) and Maebh playing peek a boo!
Map showing all the old stations
Good Ole Berwick-Upon-Tweed! 🙂

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