Norwich & Great Yarmouth

We took advantage of the last day of having a very reliable rental car at our disposal, so we headed into Norwich for a bit then popped over to the coast to see what live is like at Greater Yarmouth.

Lets just say Norwich is great, loads of shopping, loads of character and great restaurants like Jamie Oliver’s Italian – which I must eat at one day soon with Nils.

Just a pretty house located in the town center near Chapelfield!
More nice architecture
St. Andrew’s Hill, Norwich
Famous Belgium Bar with 121 different flavor of mussels
Neat Archway
Cute street
Cool Church 
Coleman’s Mustard Museum & Shop

Then we were so not impressed with Greater Yarmouth. It’s a seaside, funfair on steroids.  I can see why you’d take kids there in the summer.  They have donkey rides on the beach, a million fun fairs, casino places including The Flamingo, Circus Circus and Silver Slipper, but all a bit over the top – but also very ghetto.

Naturally it started raining when we arrived so that stunk.  We were starving and couldn’t find a single, decent place to eat so we ended up at an American-style diner.  Maebh slept through the entire visit and woke up for one ride at the fun fair near the pier.  We certainly won’t run back but I bet we’ll see it again in the summer.

We ate lunch in this super cheesy, American diner as we walked around for ages looking for proper Shwarma-kabob type place.  I ended up with a chicken breast sandwich, Nils a burger and Soren a strawberry milk shake & ribs.  Maebh slept through the ENTIRE meal.

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